my thoughts going into the season

Submitted by foreverbluemaize on September 3rd, 2010 at 4:21 PM

less than 24 hrs. to go and I am going out of my mind with anticipation. Just wanted to take a minute and give my final thoughts before the ball is kicked. I enter this season with an optimistic attitude.  I have said this last year as well, but  I really think that this is the year that RR gets the train rolling. I have faith that RR will get it done this year. Blind faith it may be, but, faith, just the same. I think we will have a good year, not a Rose Bowl year per say, but perhaps a Cap One Bowl year.  I think that we have a good chance of winning 10 games this year. Of the teams that we play this year I think that (capt. obvious here) some will be better (like Sparty) and some will be worse (like ND) than they were last year, but of the teams like Sparty that I think will show improvement there is just not that much room for improvement. I think that our offense can show great improvement from what we saw last year. I think the offense has some awesome potential, and I think at this time next year they will be picking us to win the B10 (or 12 as it may be). Anyway just my thoughts on what's to come. Here's hoping for great things. GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OSUMC Wolverine

September 3rd, 2010 at 5:53 PM ^

I want to hear someone in the pre-game for ND next week refer to our offensive performance here in week one with 'viral' and 'demoralizing'.  And of course they will be talking about Crist soiling himself thinking of facing our revamped defense (if it were only true).

Its a good thing I work tonight because I would have been up all night anyway...will make the drive to AA a little rough tomorrow though.  Go Blue!