My story on how Michigan Hockey changed my household.

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First of all, this is just my story on the Michigan Hockey team and the impact in my family.
I’ll start off by saying I’m in high school still. My dream is to go to Michigan, but living in Illinois, out of state tuition is outrageous. My parents aren’t alumni, but for some reason at a very young age, I became a fan. I remember Braylon Edwards was my first player to stand out. My parents never understood why I liked Michigan so much. I only followed football until 2008. At the time my dad, didn’t really care for Michigan. He took me up to my first game on Sep. 27, 2008. (13th birthday) I didn’t even know it was the 500th game until I got there. That coupled with the biggest comeback in Michigan Stadium history made that weekend extremely memorable. It also won over my father a little too in making him just a small fan at the time. With him being the huge hockey nut that he his, he got into Michigan hockey. By the end of the 2010-2011 hockey season he had grown into an average fan of Michigan, mostly supporting the hockey team. In 2011, we went up to The Game for the 2nd time. (09) My dad also took me to the hockey game at Yost the night before. It was the first time we had seen a Michigan hockey game in person. Between what happened with The Game, and the experience at Yost, he finally was a pretty big fan. I give full credit to the hockey team in winning him over completely. Last night, when Hunwick played his final game, it brought a tear to not just mine, but his eyes as well. No we’re not “walmart wolverines” , but the point of this is to explain how much of an impact this hockey team and Hunwick have had for my family. Thank you for the memories, Senior Class of 2012! Go Blue!
I’m sorry if you don’t think this is board worthy. Just thought in the aftermath of what happened, something positive could be thrown out.



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That's a great story, and it sounds like you have some outstanding parents. Don't get discouraged about the finances ahead of time, go ahead and apply and see what the financial aid gods have in store for you. You sound like a fine young man from a great family, and I'd like you to be a part of my former school, and I know that a lot of other alums would feel the same way. One thing about UM is that you have to make your own way more than at a lot of other programs. Hang in there and see what happens for you!

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It is pretty outrageous, out-of-state tuition. I attended out-of-state, and it took a major sacrifice on the part of many members of my family (not just my parents) to make it happen. I am fortunate in that regard, obviously. I went back for a second degree and had to foot the bill myself, and it made me appreciate 10x more just how crucial the support my family gave me in undergrad was. If push comes to shove, take a long look at alternative sources of funding on top of the federal loans (i.e. private, but federally-subsidized student loans), if you're willing to incur debt. Also, working while attending can help a lot with your day-to-day expenses. Also, I cosign: we'd love to have you if you are admitted and can make the $ work. I love the fact that your dad is now an M fan- great story.

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Just guessing your age from the clues you gave in your opening post, but you remind me of me about 40 years ago.  And no, no degree from U of M for me (got a BBA anyway, for what it's worth, being that I ended up at WMU and not U of M), but U of M was the school I "adopted" in my early teen years, despite being raised in a Catholic family where everybody (including extended family) cheered for Notre Dame.

Eventually  I "converted" most of my brothers and sisters to becoming Michigan Fans, but my parents were much tougher sells over the years, I practically had to drag both of them, kicking and screaming, to their first game at The Big House about 25 or so years ago.  Gradually and grudgingly,  they made Michigan their 2nd favorite school, rooting for my Wolverines except against ND.  Dad worked 2 jobs for years to support our big Catholic family, and being that most of my siblings were younger than I and were being sent thru the Catholic school system, the $$ was never there to afford the difference in cost between living and tuition at WMU vs. U of M.  Not only that, but my HS grades coulda and shoulda been better--but that's on me!

If there is a way to make your U of M dream a reality, do all that you can to work toward that goal.  Keep up your grades, check early (something I regretfully didn't do) into each and every scholarship opportunity out there, and I'm confident you'll find a way to make it happen.  My neighbors are sending their son to U of M the hard way (I now live in a small town in SW Michigan that only sends an average of  2 or 3 kids per graduating class to U of M) and he is there only because of the sacrifices of his parents to afford it plus scholarship $$ he earned---he made it happen despite the odds!



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As a child of alums that moved out of state before college, I will also say don't let financial issues deter you. I ultimately didn't go to Michigan because my instate tuition (SUNY system) + instate scholarships made a 10X difference in price/semester.  And while it's nice to be in med school not having to worry about undergrad loans, it is a choice I regret. The difference in campus atmosphere between Michigan and my school was crazy. Even not being a student there and just visiting friends, I felt at home,

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I just graduated 11 months ago and it's a strange feeling being in a different grad school, having to find live streams of hockey games all the time. I agree with rockydude too; you never know what can work out if you don't try.

I'm an Indiana transplant myself. I was born and raised there then moved to Southwest Michigan when I was in 2nd grade. I've been thankful that Notre Dame didn't rub off on me, especially after the last 3 football games in the series.

Best wishes to you on your application process and wherever you go, Go Blue!

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"My dream is to go to Michigan, but living in Illinois, out of state tuition is outrageous. My parents aren’t alumni, but for some reason at a very young age, I became a fan."


That was me 6 years ago.  From Illinois, I never knew any alumni, but a huge fan since I can remember.  Out of state tuition is expensive, but fuck it dude.  You've got one life.  If you get into Michigan, go there and worry about the money later.  I chose Michigan over Wisconsin (would've been $80,000 cheaper...literally) and over my parents alma mater (Augustana College), where I was offered a full ride.  Every day I think back on my amazing memories in Ann Arbor. Go to Michigan, get student loans, it's worth it.


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My little sister is on a big time scholarship at Augustana, though not a full ride (and I have two friends who made the opposite choice regarding Wisconsin, coincidentally).

I'm from Illinois as well. I ended up choosing not to attend Michigan for financial reasons, I took the best scholarship offer I had and went to Pitt. It would have been nice to go to M, and it would have made my life a lot easier had I been able to go as a freshman, since I ended up transferring and could have done that with a few pieces of paper at M instead of moving three states to attend IU.

So the advice of someone who has been there: do what you can to go blue if you feel it's the best decision for you, all things considered. On the other hand, I'll graduate later in 2012 with a degree from a top school in my field with nearly six figures less debt, and you won't find too many people who follow and support M athletics more than I do (MGoBlog is the exception, obviously); I get no less enjoyment (or dong punched feeling) than I would if the seal on my degree-to-be was maize and blue.


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That's a heck of a drive from Quad Cities area to Ann Arbor, you must have done one hell of a job convincing your dad to take you to M/Wisconsin. I'm from the western suburbs and it was bad enough driving to A2 for family visits when I was a kid, and the western side of the state is a much longer haul than that.


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Auggie alum here.
Wanted to go to Michigan but my dad, who worked for a small, private, liberal arts college said I could go to any school I wanted as long as it was small, private, liberal arts, and within 250 miles. That pretty much ruled out Michigan, especially since he was picking up the bill.


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The fact that you can write something like this, while citing Braylon as the first player to jump out for you, just makes me feel...old.

Good luck, hope you find a way.


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A little more detail to bring it to two-hundred words and this would be a solid diary. As for not being board-worthy, I would love to see the MGoBlog member who would hate on this post. Crickets? Crickets.

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I am also from Illinois with no direct connection to Michigan, it just stood out to me and I jumped on. Whatever choice you decide to make regarding your future, make sure you do what feels best for you whether it is Michigan or not.


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Explore the options for financing and do what you can to clear your road to Ann Arbor. Even if it doesn't pan out and you go elsewhere, I can't think of a person here that isn't glad to have someone with your passion for things Michigan among the group. Kudos, sir. 


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What about a kick-start campaign hosted on MGoBlog to raise money for tuition?

...but seriously, has anyone with any sway in these parts considered an MGoBlog scholarship, funded by MGoBloggers?  Wouldn't have to be athletics oriented.  If $37K was raised in 5 days to publish HTTV, couldn't a significant amount of money be raised to help someone in need get to realize the dream of a Michigan education?  Not talking about a full scholarship, but $1K here, $5K there...idle thoughts...


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I just feel it's my responsibility to say something here. Michigan is a great school, and I am honored to be learning and teaching there. But I think it's important to put things into perspective. The main reason you're going to spend thousands of dollars on college in the next few years is to learn useful stuff. In that regard, Michigan is certainly a fantastic environment, but it also not *that* exceptional. Your life will (hopefully) last a long time, and the years of college should be fun ones, but loving a team and feeling at home on campus for 4 years shouldn't be #1 or even #10 on your list of priorities when looking for a school. Look at the long game. 


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I agree loving a team isn't a good reason to pick a school. feeling at home, however, I think is extremely important, especially for people coming from out of state. If you don't feel comfortable on campus you will struggle and it makes a challenging time even more difficult. coming from close enough to go home on the weekends this wasn't a problem for me...coming from a plane ride away I feel like it is something not to be taken lightly.


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I live in Michigan, only 40 minutes south of Ann Arbor, so I'm lucky. I'm also lucky to have gone to so many games over the years (including the 500th game).

I am also still in high school (senior) and my dream is to go to Michigan. They told me they'd make a final decision by April, so I'm praying! More than likely, though, I'll try to transfer after a couple years. It would still be nice to get accepted though.

Good luck during the rest of your high school career! Don't slack off. Also try to get some scholarships! It's not impossible!


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This is a fantastic story bud.  I always loved playing and watching football when I was really young but the real reason I fell in love with Michigan is because I needed someone to root for in the Michigan MSU game, and lets be honest, we have way better helmets.  My first game here was in 2004 when Chad and Mike were Freshman and my friend's dad got us fourth row tickets on the 45 yard line for the Miami of Ohio game, something I will never forget and will be eternally grateful for how it changed my life.  From there I always knew where I wanted to go.  I am in state but my parents were very against me going here just because of the cost, but I worked my ass off in summer jobs and looking for scholarships, and I am currently paying for all of my expensis (tuition, books, housing, food) and have very little debt. Im sure it takes a lot more work than if I had chosen other places but this has been the best desicion of my life.  Just to put it in perspective Ive been in the library since 9am today, but if you're willing to put in the work, and it will take a lot of work, you can make it happen.  Anyways, going to Michigan was my dream, its the one thing Ive always wanted to do in life and I made it happen, so go for it, and hopefully Ill see you around here next year


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I grew up in eastern Colorado and my whole family are Nebraska fans. Idont know if it was me wanting to be different or my cousins influence but I became a Michigan fan at about 10 years old and my passion for everything Michigan grows every year. Sad to say I don't get many Michigan hockey games being from the Midwest but I still keep up them. I am very proud to have hunwick wear the maize and blue and I am sad to see him moving on.

On a side note I was up in the Rockies for spring break snowboarding while decked out in my Michigan gear and heard well over 30 'go blues'. Wolverine nation is alive and well!