My son meets the "4th" Wistert brother

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This past summer my family was on MIddle Bass Island Ohio (sits across from Put-in-Bay) wearing Michigan gear when a guy stopped us and asked if we were MIchigan fans.  When we said yes we were he said he was Jordan Kovacs Uncle and asked if we'd like an autographed picture of him.  I was skeptical but gave him our home address and he said he'd get Jordan to sign a picture and he'd send it to us.  Much to my amazement about three weeks later the pic DID arrive (the one from the Western game where Jordan is laying out their QB) inscribed to my 9 year old son Tommy at the bottom.

Well yesterday i took my 9 year old son to the game and needless to say he had a fantastic and exciting time.  After the tailgate was over (sadly none of the coaching staff came by although we did meet and talked to Jim Brandstatter) we were on our way back to the car cutting across State St. when my son yelled out "there he is Dad....the Kovacs-Wisert guy."  When I introduced Tommy to Jordan and told him the picture story he laughed and said "that's MY Uncle Tommy and he does that to people he sees wearing Michigan gear in random places". Jordan smiled, shook my son's hand and took lots of pictures with him and even talked to him (and me too) about the game.  

As we were getting ready to leave Tommy said "could I ask you a question" and then said "is your real name Kovacs or Wisert?" And while clearly the concept of the Legends jersey is somewhat lost on a 9 year old I can tell you he has definitely narrowed his preferred college choices down to one school.  

How much will out of state tuition cost in 2021?  God help me.........



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Jordan Kovacs is an excellent choice to be a recepient of the Wistert Legends honor. I get the sense from a story like this that he'll always keep the UM in mind and try to live up to the honor.


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1) Come on now, in-state tuition at Michigan is the biggest bargain in higher education.  The sheer quality of the institution relative to the amount paid is lost on so many Michiganders- the most frustrating thing about my time there was people thinking they were being robbed when there was always, you know, ANY PRIVATE SCHOOL.  They don't realize how amazing their school is because it's always been right there.

2) Out of state tuition is ridiculous, but at the same time, you get what you pay for.  If I want to be at an elite institution that remains elite, it is worth it.  And even then out of state tuition doesnt even cover the full cost of educating a single student.  Thank God for fundraising to make up the difference.


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Agreed. If you're from the State of Michigan, you got in to UofM, and schools like Harvard/Stanford/MIT are not an option, then you should have a pretty compelling reason for choosing to go somewhere else. I graduated from Michigan with zero debt and there's no way that would have been the case had I gone to a private school. 


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No an Iphone but the original was soo small (for reasons unknown) it was hard to see who was in the picture.  I chose to post a blurry Kovacs-Wisert versus a tiny Kovacs-Wisert.

The funny thing is that the Brandstatter picture was just the opposite.  It came out HUGE and would have blotted out the MGoblog sun.

But thanks for the pro-tip.  I'm going to bring a potato to the Iowa game just in case Borges comes by!