My Prediction: lots of "appreciation" threads

Submitted by buddhafrog on April 2nd, 2018 at 1:58 AM

Game Day, 1:26 am Monday morning. Can't sleep. Too excited for 9 pm tonight.

My prediction? There will be lots of appreciation threads.

For Moe's strength of will, and his contagious love of the game. And his bicep flex. And for stealing Nick Ward's ankles.

For Simmons showing the true heart of a Michigan Man. The Team, the Team, the Team.

For Chalres Matthews' meteoric rise in March. And for his knowing smile kindly directed towards Nick Ward.

For puppy dog Poole with his contagious swag and joy. And the shot. And for his celebration that I'll still view decades from now.

For Duncan for his transformation and leadership. My Captain is not just a defender/rebounder.  And for six points. 

For Livers for being steady, consistent and being able to contribute as needed.

For Teske for dunking on Haas. And for being an immovable force below the basket. There are times when Moe fouls and goes to the bench and I don't care at all, because Teske.

For Z, who emboldened his team with fearless defense, and by doing so taught his team how to play with true competitve courage. No fear. Give him a war, this boy wants to battle.

For MAAR, for playing more games and more minutes than anyone in the histroy of Michigan basketball. Damn! My Captain.

For Ibi and for Brooks for being patient, and playing with energy and confidence when called.

For CJ for that holy three pointer.

For Yaklich because, you might have heard, our team is good at defense. For Saddi and Haynes who have developed these players beyond expectations.

For Beilein. For being Beilein. I've never wanted a coach to win a championship more than our head basketball coach. And I believe no coach is as deserving of a championship than Beilein. This team is a reflection of beilein. 

And for MGoBlog. I don't live in AA anymore, and this website helps me stay connected to home. MGoBlog allows me to belly-flop-dive into Michigan sports. 

As Beilein is wont to say, embrace this moment. Appreciate it and soak it in. We are fortunate. Appreciate it.

What do you appreciate about 2017-2018 UM Basketball?



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sometimes I just think tbat we could really be a lurple migglentoe toucher sigglenwideways nurple lurch, but then it hits me that if we cant unamiguosuly corgonpitulate the strategic murning of the treacherous fires of our souls how then can one umamviguate the better silolques ofntenthroles of hope. i say we can
and go blue.

Indy Pete - Go Blue

April 2nd, 2018 at 2:35 AM ^

BFrog, I appreciate all of the above.  I am enamored with this once in a generation team.  I will cheer hard for and love next year's team, and every subsequent one as well (just like I have for all previous UM bball teams - even in the Ellerbe era).  However, this team has the right pieces at the right time with the combination of grit, talent, determination, and good fortune.  I don't think Jay Wright is sleeping very soundly right now.


April 2nd, 2018 at 5:38 AM ^


working all day, as usual, but i know we have a puncher's chance for many of the reasons BFrog outlined.  careful nova, we comin'.

go blue you all, have a great day.

Goggles Paisano

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I appreciate that we last won it all against a classice Big East team in Seton Hall, and will do the same tonight against another classic Big East team in Villanova.  


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Those should be haikus. I’ll start:

For Moe's strength and love
Bicep flexing after score
Nick Ward ankles gone

For Simmons true heart
Ever the team, the team, the team
A Michigan man

For Charles Matthews
Meteoric rise in March
Knowing smile at Ward


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I would definitely agree with the OP here - we will get a lot of them. Even better for you guys, because of the late hour, it will be the one spill on Aisle 7 that I will leave for the night shift if it gets a little too crazy either way. The combination of drinking and having to work the next morning will not serve me well here.


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Nice list. One more. I am looking forward to the Mom Wagner appreciation thread. Smile and jump, Beate. Lather, rinse, repeat.


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I don't care how many there are!  The more, the better, I say - more means we've won!  Hell, I'll gladly read through an appreciation thread for subs with only lettuce and black olives, and then through the one for turkey sandwiches!

Bring me all the appreciation threads!!!  Just win the game!!!!!

Virginia is fo…

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Charles Barkley made his prediction this morning on ESPN's new show "Get Up" with our own Jalen Rose.  Barkley picks Villanova because his daughter went to school there he says.  He continues by saying that he is really worried about Michigan.  So thanks for picking NOVA Barkley!