My Pops honored for 71 yrs at Big House

Submitted by cjm on September 28th, 2015 at 5:07 PM

I hardly ever post and will probably get this wrong but wanted to share an article on my grandfather who was honored at UNLV game for 71 yrs of service. I know there's some on here that bash the ushers occassionally but I'm proud of this man and his service over all these years.

I'll get to be with him at the MSU game in a few weeks as I take my somewhat annual trip up from Texas.

Link to MLive article:

This is a pic from 2010 when I brought my oldest up for his first game at the Big House.



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He got quite the ovation at the UNLV game. Everyone in my section was really impressed at seven decades of service. Really cool!

I haven't seen anyone bash ushers on here, but if I see it I'll neg them since I am friends with/tailgate with a bunch of ushers who are great. They usher the student section. 


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It's been awhile since I've seen it but usually its, "ushers don't do anything" or "they get paid all that money ($25) just to stand there and watch the game for free." I don't let it bother me but enough to put the caveat in the OP.

Again, I'm proud of Pops as game days are long days for his age/health but he loves this university and all their athletics. I'm concerned for the day he stops working games because thats all he has left since my grandmother passed 5 yrs ago.

One more thing, he is the biggest homer their is. I'm pretty sure he'll still swear to an undefeated season, as if Utah didn't happen.

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I always enjoyed when they honored the ushers at the games - more than 70 years is pretty amazing. Congrats to your pops! The article is nicely done as well. Favorite quote:

"Michigan, to me, is the finest college in the country, bar none," Luke said. "Michigan State was nothing — you went there to milk cows ... They weren't even in the Big Ten back then."


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It must have been you that told the story of seeing him at games several years later, and that he still recognizes you at today. I thought of that story and laughed to myself as i passed the usher entering my section for the Oregon St game.

rob f

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offer you a seat with us in row 78 next time you go to a game 38 months pregnant [that is, if there is a next time   :-)  ].   That's quite a climb, as row 7 is 63 rows down from the exits in most sections of The Big House.

rob f

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Over in section 36 we've had some of the best, and some of them have been doing it for a long time, too---the most senior usher in my section, Dave, was honored on the video board at the UNLV game for 45 years of service.   As I've been sitting in those seats since 1980, just a half dozen rows up and next to his entrance, he's seen my kids grow up and seen me grow (nearly) old. 

Another in our section, Bert, has been there for about 20 years.  Last summer, totally at random, I ran into him in Stevensville (SW corner of Michigan) when he and his wife were in town for a wedding---it was like seeing a long lost friend!


...and even then, CJM, the total years of service for Dave and Bert in my section falls 6 years short of what your Grandpa has done himself.  What a great story, thanks for posting that about him!


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I remember the applause when they introduced him.....being dedicated to anything for 71 years is impressive. I know that I greet and address our usher by name ever week.


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That's actually really cool and congratulations to him.

I also never understood the attitude some have towards the ushers - they are witnesses to history in many cases, particularly those that I have been around a while. I have even asked a few what their favorite game was, even in the knowledge that they might not have been able to all of it, and the responses are often fascinating. 


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For retiring from the position during our lean times, yet, he never wavered apparently in his Ufer-like devotion to Meechigan.

I'd award your dad with an honorary degree if it was up to me. Perhaps we all should make some calls and send e-mails.

Most of us will not have 71 years to give back.


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This is awesome.  You need to sit with him and have him document some of the things he's seen in the stadium.  

Michigan football did not just start with color TV broadcasts.  Everytime we talk about "greatest games in Michgian Stadium", we always start in 1969 as if nothing happened before then.  Those championships in 1947, 1948, etc. didn't just win themselves. 

I'm sure there were some epic, exciting, down-to-the-wire games that he could tell you about that have been lost to the radio airwaves.

I'd love to see his list of Top Ten moments in Michigan Stadium history. 

Vote_Crisler_1937, I'd also love to hear yours.

What are some of the greatest games in Michgian Stadium history that none of the rest of us know about? 

rob f

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on the stories both his Grandpa and Vote_Crisler_1937 could and should tell. 

I just love hearing stories from people who have lived the past---my Grandpa told me a lot in my youth about being in Germany at the tail end of WWI, as he was an MP with the duty of keeping our 'Doughboys' out of trouble in the German Beer Halls post-war.  And my neighbor, for instance, told me many a story about WWII in the Pacific before he passed away a few years ago.   


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Have interviews done by a quality interviewer and/or write a book. I'm personally willing to represent your dad free of charge in terms of IP clearance, protection and licensing provided my actual identity is kept private. Please feel free to reach me  for this purpose at: [email protected] or at, I forget which applies. Good luck.


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I think Bo, Yost, and Crisler would all be impressed with your grandfather's loyalty.

I know a co-worker who is an usher. Steve is his name. Your grandfather may know him. He is a large man who just happens to have gone to high school with the Harbaughs.