My Pictures from the Big Chill

Submitted by JeepinBen on December 13th, 2010 at 3:44 PM

So I uploaded a very similar post after the UConn game, having attended both the game and the Big House Tour on Sunday. 

I had OK seats (Section 9, row 42) for a perfect event on Saturday evening, and on Sunday Morning I had tickets for Session 1 public skating. It was awesome, even with the delays from all the snow. The pics are below, with my comments: (photos taken on a 7.3MP Olympus, nothing fancy)

Having just arrived in the Big House. Don't worry, the students showed up. Also Mike Martin was in our section, he walked right past me, he's huge and terrifyingly so. I resisted the urge to scream out "How are the ankles?!?!" He would have broken me

The players came out under the banner. I wonder if Shegos has ever been booed by 113,411 before?

The "Blue Hairs" showed up early and in force

Team coming out under the banner

Jerseys looked pretty good to me, I really enjoyed the old-school numbers

B-2 Flyover. He wasn't as low as the B-25 was for UConn, but it was still awesome

3rd Period Action

Great final. Couldn't believe a 34 save shutout didn't garner the #1 star of the game... On to the Public Skating Pics:

Yours truly. I went to box, 2 minutes, felt shame

Hell of a weekend. Go Blue!

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I'm gonna work on editing them to fit better. Also I might upload some more if my GF ever gets them online, she took some more of the fireworks and stuff. 

Anyway, enjoy

Mitch Cumstein

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This from the wiki page on using the apostrophe

Use apostrophes in contractions. Sometimes, especially in informal writing, apostrophes are used to indicate one or more missing letters.

Isn't it clear that the apostrophe in the OP indicates the missing letters 'graph'? So in long it would read 'My photographs from the big chill'. Seems OK to me.


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Great pics.  The irony in the hockey team coming out under the banner is that the tradition started when the hockey team's wife made a banner supporting the football team (which was struggling) during the Bump days.