My Opening Weekend Tri-Fecta

Submitted by LongLiveBo on September 1st, 2014 at 1:22 AM

I have mentioned a few times on the board that I was going to the CMU, MSU and M games this past weekend with one of my best friends that played for App.  He flew in from Phoenix and really enjoyed his weekend in the mitten.  I thought the board might like to see som pics.




My girlfriend, a Chip.

UntitledFrom the southwest corner.


UntitledFrom the Press Box.


UntitledOne of the assissitant strenght trainers at MSU was a trainer at App. St. when my friend played and he couldn't have been a nicer guy.  He set us up with great tickets and was nice enough to give us a tour of MSU's facilites on a game day when he was really busy.

Their weight room.



Players lounge.



Our seats.



And finally the main event!!

On the way to the stadium.





Panaromic from our seats.



And perhaps the coolest thing from the weekend, the back of John Wangler's head.





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Isn't college football wonderful? I've relocated to Texas and plan to hit a bunch of new venues this year. I'll be at Auburn @ Kansas State, Arkansas @ Texas Tech, Baylor @ Texas, and finally Maryland @ Michigan. I'll most likely be making my way over to Arlington for the title game to cap the season off.


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I love everything about it.  I hope you have a great experience at all of those venues.  I have been to games @ Washington,  UCLA,  Soutern Cal, Arizona, Arizona State,  Wisconsin, Western Mich, CMU, MSU and Michigan.  I would do it all again because I love college football.


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of Wranglers head, could be confused as Brady Hoke in the stands with the fans at first glance. Your weekend was truly epic, and well documented LLB.


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I see your friend was wearing in App State hat. While at the big house did he get booed, flipped off by old ladies or spit on? Some fan bases feel it is acceptable to treat opposing team's fans in this manner.


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He had an App shirt on as well and didn't get a negative comment all day. It was the exact opposite. About a dozen people approached him to talk football and wished him luck. A few people actually thanked him for coming and hoped he had a good time in Ann Arbor. He had a great experience.

Number 7

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reminds me of a comment I heard from a couple of notre dame fans filling into the game for utl1, as they received mild grief from the home crowd: "folks are much nicer here than in Columbus". Which I think UM and OSU fans would both take as a compliment.


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I did something like this once. drove up from st louis and saw tool on friday night, went to wisky vs mich on Saturday afternoon (started tailgating at 6 & mich won 20-10), went to msu vs nd that night (nd made a crazy comeback to win), saw packers vs lions ( brett Favre 400th td pass) and then got in the car and drove home. it was an amazing but tiring weekend.


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What an awesome weekend. I would love to do that someday, when my son gets a little older. That is one of the great things about spring training, as we've hit up 5 or so games in 3 days, but it's not like that. Well done. Get some rest, I'm sure you need it.


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I rememeber that you had posted about the plans for this weekend bout a week, perhaps 10 days ago, and I am glad to see it turned out to be as awesome as it sounded for you. If I am judging the panoramic shot correctly, we might have not been that far apart in terms of where we sat, but there aren't many bad views in that place, eh? 


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On same day (or same weekend) --


Michigan wins.

Notre Dame loses.

Ohio State loses.


Yes, it's a damn rare thing, mostly due to that last team listed there. When it happens, though, it is an occasion to celebrate. What say you, September 6? (And throw an MSU loss in there for good measure?)

The worst of all college football days, of course, is the dreaded "reverse trifecta."