My history with a final score of 12-10

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The final score of 12-10 in a football game is an unusual one. It reflects that the defenses of both teams were superior to the offenses and that the winning team probably did not even get into the end zone.

In November 1974, Michigan travelled to Columbus for their annual match against OSU for the Big 10 championship. The Maize and Blue took a 10-0 first half lead on a Dennis Franklin to Gil Chapman pass and a Mike Lantry field goal. OSU methodically cut into the Wolverine lead with field goals until they took the lead on Tom Klaban's fourth kick through the uprights. Michigan drove into field goal position and in the final seconds of the game Lantry lined up to kick a 33 yarder that all Michigan fans  (and a few OSU supporters) swear was good. The ball sailed so high over the left upright the officials ruled it no good, the only call they could make in Columbus. Final score OSU 12 Michigan 10.

In October 1985, Michigan (ranked #2 in the land) travelled to Iowa City to play #1 Iowa on a cold, blustery day. The game was monumentally close throughout with Michigan clinging to a 10-9 lead.  Iowa took the ball deep into Michigan territory late in the fourth quarter and Rob Houghlin kicked his fourth field goal in the waning seconds to give M it's second loss in memory by this odd score. I once again cursed the score 12-10, but said to myself one day we are going to win a big game by that score. What goes around comes around I rationalized.

Fast forward to October 20, 2012. Ten seconds left in the game. Drew Dileo with the hold and Brendan Gibbons with the kick and we slay Sparty and the four year jinx by the score I knew would work for us one day. Michigan 12 Michigan State 10. Welcome team win #900!

There are no coincidences.

Go Blue!



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Nice! I did remember how frustrating it was to lose a game where we scored a TD but lost on FG's. The 74 game had already occurred to me but I didn't think of 85. Now it's the other guys' turn to be frustrated – and it couldn't happen to a more deserving group.


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Not sure if you we're trying to show some numbers thing with the dates/time left with 12's and 10's (21 - backwards 12), but the game was on the 20th and there were 9 seconds left, not 10. Maybe I have just been on this board too long to feel the need to point that out.

But I agree with you that it is nice to be on the right side of a 12-10 game.


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I thought of both of those games when the MSU game was finished, even though I wasn't alive for the OSU game and in kindergarten for the Iowa game. 

It's nice to be on the winning end of a 12-10 game for once. 


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because a lot of us remember those games.  I remember both games, and the scores, well. 

It is nice to be on the winning side of a 12-10 game.


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I was a UM student in 1985. Made the road trip to Iowa City with a few friends and we bought tickets from scalpers. Sat in the end zone, amid rabid Hawkeye fans, only to see Iowa win the game with a kick right in front of us. That really sucked. A long, depressed drive back to Ann Arbor.


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I still remember watching that '74 game and having that sick feeling as Klaban nibbled away at our lead. Imagine going 10-1 with four shutouts along the way and having to sit home during bowl season, while 8-3 Florida plays in the Sugar Bowl and 8-3 Baylor plays in the Cotton Bowl, with a whole host of lesser teams playing in the minor bowls. Which is exactly what Michigan also had to do after the 9-1 '70 season, the 10-1 '72 season, and the 10-0-1 '73 season: sit at home during the holidays. Those years were beyond frustrating.

And Lantry's kick was so good it was ridiculous.


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Michigan was down 12-10 but in position to win it in the waning minutes. Notre Dame's Bob Crable jumped off a teammate to block Bryan Virgil's field goal. The rules were changed the next year to prevent that.

To be fair, Virgil probably would have missed it anyway. Special teams mistakes (including missed field goals, missed extra points and blocked punts) played a role in all four of Michigan's losses that year.


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All losses were by 3 or fewer points. The Purdue game, where we gave up a touchdown on a punt return, ended with John Wangler sacked in the end zone. We nearly beat an unbeaten Ohio State team, but they blocked one of Virgil's punts for the winning score. In the Gator Bowl against North Carolina, we looked unstoppable for a quarter and a half until Lawrence Taylor sacked John Wangler and nearly ended his career with a knee injury.


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Iowa was ranked number one and Michgan was ranked second and I was a 14 year-old boy just coming into my Michigan obsession.  The '85 Iowa game was the first Michigan loss that really crushed my spirits.

Fucking Rob Houghtlin....