My first ever Michigan football game experience!

Submitted by B1G_Fan on December 28th, 2013 at 3:41 PM

 Tonight at the Buffalo Wild wings bowl will be my first ever Michigan Wolverines football game. I've been a huge fan for so long it seems weird to not have gone to a game before. There was always something in the way, money, distance or time. Tonight all the planets align. I don't care if we win or lose, if Taylor Lewan takes snaps back there. I'm excited to be enjoying the experience. See you guys at the game section 38 row 1, Go blue!




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Hopefully, you have an excellent time and get to experience a win for your first live game. I know that many of us on this board have been to many, many games over varied stretches of time (a couple people on the board go back to the 50s and 60s with Michigan, I think), but there is definitely something special about the first time you get to see your team in person, no matter where you see them. 

Have a blast, and Go Blue!

ND Sux

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on your first game!  Very exciting indeed....I would LOVE to be there for this or ANY bowl game, so I am properly envious also.   



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closer to 1000.

OP, go, enjoy, absorb the sights and sounds. Above all, do whatever is necessary to avoid becoming a Spock. May this be the first of many games for you, some are more important than others, but I have been to many games since my first game in 1968, and I can assure you none of them were meaningless.


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Taylor Lewan taking snaps would be hilarious. I'm sort of rooting for that now (with the caveat that I don't want anything bad to happen to any of our real QBs to make it happen).


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One of my best memories was attending my first Michigan game. It's something you'll always remember. I hope you enjoy it and you're able to see a good game tonight. Have fun!


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 Thanks all, I'm unbelieveably excited right now. I'll post some pictures later on. As for it being a meaningless bowl, it's Taylor Lewans ( along with all the other seniors) last game in a winged helmet and Shane Morris's first career start. This could be historic lol, you never know. I'd love to see Devin play in person but as they say you get what you get and you dont throw a fit. Time to hit the road

Forgive me.

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and cheering enthusiastically with you. I don't care where or when this game is played. A varsity team of the University of Michigan is competing in an intercollegiate contest of American Football. I'll be there in full throat, supporting my alma mater.  Go Blue!



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1st games for any of us. 

My first game was home opener 1974 vs. Iowa. Like this bowl game, we had a back-up QB start (Mark Elzinga) but still won easily.

Hopefully, Shane leaves the game tonight in one piece and a bowl winner!

MMB 82

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My first game was in AA vs Texas A&M; 7-3 at the half, 41-3 final. They had a kicker who was hitting 60-yarders in practice, he never even got that close for most of the game.

Let's hope your first game becomes as good of a memory!

Wolverine In Iowa

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Enjoy, and welcome to the club.  I have been to probably about 50 games, and each one was a blast, win or lose.  My first game was a loss to friggin ND (1987) and the last one was the Iowa Funchess drop-fest this year :(


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Lurking for a while but decided to create a profile for this thread. I have been watching games as long as I can remember,, since the mid 70's and it took me until my mid 30's to make it to a game. I teared up the first time I walked in to the Big House.

I am able to make a game a year usually now and mix in a family visit with a game at the Big House. This year hit UTLII and am sitting across the street from Sun Devil stadium getting ready to hit my 2nd game this year.

I am happy to be able to see a game so close to home for a change.

Go Blue!


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was freshman year, 1985, vs Notre Dame.

I remember the first time entering the stadium, being overwhelmed, and thinking "the entire population of my hometown would fill 2 sections of this stadium..."

Game was a W, 20-12


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Hope you have a great time and they give you plenty to cheer about. I attended my first game this year against Nebraska. I was sorely disappointed at the time because of the result but it was a great experience, one that I'll never forget. Hopefully someday you'll get to cheer at the mecca of college football- The Big House