My fantasy bad beat

Submitted by UNCWolverine on December 1st, 2009 at 1:51 AM

So I know everyone has their own fantasy football bad beat story, but tonight's was just ridiculous.

I was down 10 going into tonight with Brady going. His point totals each week in our league this year are:


So I leave my place to meet a friend for a few beers at the end of the 3rd Q and he has 10 points. So at that point I'm tied which in our league is roughly the same as a W. With an entire Q to go all he needs to do is throw for 20 fucking yards and I win. New Orleans has the ball for about half the quarter. With about 7 minutes left he throws this ridiculous INT that is -1 point. They then take him out of the fucking game. This loss probably knocks me out of playoff contention and first place in our league is $600.

I think this is my 12th year playing with this group of guys, yes we actually did this pre-online scoring, and I'm sure this is the most ridiculous loss I've had in my ~200 weeks. Good times.



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That's not the most ridiculous loss I've ever seen. In one league one of the more "vocal" friends in our group was leading by 2 points going into Monday Night Football. He had Rex Grossman as his starting quarterback and the opponent had no players left. He was bragging all day about how he had already clinched the win.

Rex Grossman went on to throw for only 144 yards and FOUR interceptions. Netting him -6 points and a big fat embarrassing loss.


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Had my college fantasy league championship this past week and had an amazing one point victory. It was a close match and all I had left was my qb, Georgia tech's nesbitt. He goes down on the second possession with what appears to be a bad ankle sprain. I text my opponent and basically concede defeat as nesbitt hobbles to the lockerroom.

But then he comes back in he second half and puts up 2 tds. Giving my the win by the final score 109-108. I had to win my final four games in the regular season just to make it into the playoffs. Then I beat the 2 seed and the 1 seed in consecutive weeks to take all the marbles. I was stoked!

This probably doesn't make you feel any better but I had to share.


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Came into the night down 10 with Brady and Carney vs NO Defense. Up by .5 when Brady throws that last pick. But I still had Carney kicking and when he lines up for that 30 yard FG I figure it's Carney not Brady that's going to bail me out this week .... but uh no. Shanks it. Then Pats put in Hoyer just to add insult to my loss.

Same situation. Knocks me out of the playoffs. Crazy.


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I had a 23 pt lead going into last night... I also had Maroney... I was going up against Brees... I think you can guess what happened...

If you would have told me I would have a 23 pt lead and Maroney was going to get 2 TD's I would have bet my 401K that I would have won the week... except Belicheck's shit ass defense screwed me!!!! Brees 44 pts and Maroney 18... FML!!!

Also a buddy of mine lost a week by 0.1 (we have fractional points) when Tony Romo took two knees (combined -4 yards rushing) to end a game...

Undefeated dre…

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In my league INTs are -2 points. I was in the playoffs, and my opponent had Steve Young going on Monday Night Football (I think it was this game: Young gets enough points so that my opponent is leading me by 1. Then he throws a pick, -2 points, and SF is up so much they send Young to the bench. I win my playoff game by 1 point.

Luckiest I have ever been in FF.


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Had Peterson 2 years ago and was up by one and the guy I was playing had nobody left. AP gets tackled for a loss running out the clock at the end of his game and costs me a point so it goes to the tiebreaker and I lose my spot in the championship. That guy goes on to get beat down but I tallied my score for the next week and would have won the whole damn thing.