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Submitted by chris1709 on September 16th, 2012 at 12:30 AM

So I was going to the football game today, trying to find a good way to wheel my grandma up to the suites. Along comes a kind man to give directions. It was John Beilein. I was pretty shocked so all I could come up with was a "nice to meet you", but he directed us to where we needed to go. I asked my grandpa if he knew who had just helped us, he responded by saying " I assume he works for the university"; I guess he was right.



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I once had to do a project on the competitive aspects of the Men's Basketball Team.  It was maybe Beilein's second year there and he gave us about 2 hours of his time for us to ask questions of him about his vision for the program and strategies both on and off the court.  He was one of the nicest, most gracious men I've ever met.  Michigan's got a real winner with him in every sense of the word.  Go Blue.


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I got some orthotics for my shoes as part of my rehab and the man who owns the company and made them for me was Desmond Morgan's uncle. This was right after the Bama game and he said, "you know, Desmonds a great player but theres not much you can do against guys that big." He then proceeded to tell me that he sets up a lot of athletes with his orthotics. Michigan doesnt want them because they have their own performance labs or something, but the entire Bama football team gets them from him!

Stike A Pose

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In all fairness, he did start off my saying his grandma was in a wheelchair, but then talked about his grandpa and asked if he knew who Beilien was.  I was a little confused myself.

It makes sense, but you have to re-read everything for it to click.

Anyway, it was actually a pretty cool story, bro!  Beilien is the man.


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These chance encounters underscore why I am glad people like Beilein and Hoke are in place at Michigan - they seem genuinely personable and are "in the community" like this. Very cool story indeed.


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I met some of Denard's family after the Sugar Bowl. We talked about Florida (where we were all from) and his uncle showed me a funny video on his cell phone of Denard dancing. Awesome people.....


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Very cool story...not to scoreboard your story but Denard lived in my apartment complex this summer and one night he was out with some friends in the parking lot racing a remote control car...I drove by and almost ran over #16's remote control car. It was pretty cool. Then another time Denard was jogging by my wfe who was holding our newborn daughter and he looks over and says "Cute baby." I assumed he was talking about my daughter and not my wife...either way. Cool story