My cool story bro (Santiago Edition)

Submitted by cweerapp on January 1st, 2016 at 6:03 PM
I'm currently on a three week South America vacation with four other Michigan grads. One works for Google, and we had their concierge hook us up with a reservation at a bar that is known for playing American sports. We walk in and they immediately put on the game. They also hung up our Michigan flag that we take everywhere. As cool as that was, between then and shortly after kickoff THREE other Michigan groups spontaneously walk in. We are traveling with a Florida state grad who was absolutely blown away by the power of our alumni network. After winning the game, the bar hooked us up with a free round on the house for everyone inside (22 people) and we chanted 'It's Great to Be.' The bartenders told us we were one of the most lively groups they've ever had from the states. Wouldn't trade my degree for the world. Happy New Year #mgosquad



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Not that surprising. I do it every year at Christmas. Save up those vacation hours all year, only take a couple days in August for family reunion and 1-2 days a month when I am maxed out and I gotta "use them or lose them."

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oriental andrew

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Go Blue!

I was on a flight with a colleague who graduated from msu. he was one row behind me. I started chatting with the gentleman next to me. turns out he is from the UP and is a huge Michigan fan. the other guy behind me and next to my colleague overheard and said he graduated from Michigan, also. we ribbed my buddy a little bit before takeoff. love our Michigan network.


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I am always amazed at how many Michigan grads/fans etc that I meet no matter where I go..I recently (this year) had a 7 week gig at the Great Barrier Reef and I thought Ill see no Wolverines here...WRONG...I ran into M fans even out there....On a hour and half boat ride out to the reef I sat next to a whole family of M was Great...I also had a weekend gig up at Boyne Mtn where the guest speaker was John U Bacon...I worked with him that weekend and that man knows EVERYTHING Michigan..We sepnt alot of time chatting all things Michigan....respect him alot


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california cantina in providencia? i watched the women's world cup championship there this past summer while working in santiago. also currently in chile but in la serena. got my ipad hooked up to the tv using a umich vpn, fios account, and a pretty solid internet connection to watch the game.

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I've had the opportunity over the years to wear a Michigan hat, shirt and other gear in several countries (as well as about 35 states right here, and of course all over my home state of Michigan) and I don't think there is a place where I have not gotten a "Go Blue!" from some corner of the scene before me at the time, whether I see the person or not. The scope and reach of the University Of Michigan truly is a neat thing to behold when you travel and wear those colors proudly. 


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I remember two years ago I was at Fort Morgan near Mobile, Alabama. It's a small fort isolated from most anything, and I thought to myself, how strange would it be to see a Michigan fan right now. Sure enough, ten minutes later a man in a Michigan shirt (a grad from Michigan) gives me a Go Blue. And I don't think I've ever been in an airport and not heard a Go Blue.


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while deployed in the Navy. Watching Michigan football in Singapore with the UM Singapore Alumni Club. Freaking awesome. It's Great to be.......

The Dude

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that flag needs to be planted on the top of Cerro Aconcagua. 

OT: Coming back to the cold and much short days of North American winter is going to suck. It is tougher than any jet lag I have ever dealt with. 


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"Didn't you see the part where his friend works for Google and has a concierge to hook them up with personal time bar reservations? These gentlemen come back to work when they're good and ready. And not a fortnight before."