My biggest fears after two games

Submitted by WolverRoudy on September 14th, 2009 at 6:57 PM
I am as excited as everyone else about the win on Saturday; however I can't help but feel that something awful is just around the corner.  I mean we did beat Wisconsin last year to get our hopes up.  This ND victory could be a fluke.  It doesn't look or feel like a fluke, but Forcier is just a freshman, he could fall apart.

First scenario that I fear.  ND unloads their frustrations on Michigan State and we in turn lose to the Spartans.  This is a very likely scenario and one that would have ND fans saying "see we were robbed", and of course "we are better than Michigan".  As long as we finish out with enough wins for a bowl game, I could live with this happening, but it would sting especially after such a great victory.

Second Scenario, we win out until Ohio State.  Then we proceed to lose a heart breaker at home to Tressel again similar to 2006 in the Shoe.  The pain from being so high and falling so far.  Also, after witnessing the first two games and all the newly created buzz not that far of a stretch anymore.  I think I would prefer to lose to MSU and Wisconsin this year (they owe us one) and beat the buckeyes at home.  Still a scenario I could live with since being so low last year.

Third Scenario, ND beats MSU, we lose to MSU, Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State, and Ohio State.  Also a feasible scenario.  At 7-5, right where most would have predicted we'd fall this year, but still painful after being so hyped after ND.

I am truly not trying to be a pessimist, but rather a realist about what could lie around the corner for us.  What does Karma have in store for us?




September 14th, 2009 at 7:29 PM ^

I don't have Brian's diary powers, or else I'd bump up the donation thread. As far as this one, meh, it's probably board material, but it's not something that should be deleted. It's definitely some possibly scenarios, especially if certain things I'm not willing to say out of a fear of a jinx happen.


September 15th, 2009 at 1:28 AM ^

Can we not have at least a little bit of joy in Whoville for a few days?

"I am truly not trying to be a pessimist, but ..."

Gee, how bad does it get when you really try?


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enjoying last Saturday? Enjoy what should be an undefeated September. Enjoy Sparty's breakdown and Terrelle Pryor's inability to win games against highly ranked opponents.

And let the rest of the year play out.......because no amount of worrying or psychoanalysis will change what happens on the field.


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Do you seriously think we're going to lose to MSU and Wisky? Especially with how pathetic they've looked? Notre Dame is the real deal, make no mistake, and beating them says volumes about the talent, moxie, and coaching of the current UM football team. Stop blathering and get your troll ass back in the cave where it belongs.


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First scenario: Objection! Speculation.

Second scenario: I object! How could this result be anything but an incredible turnaround from last season? Undefeated facing OSU after going 3-9? Nothing disappointing about that.

Third scenario: Objection! 7-5 is about what most expected this season anyway. Still a success and a likely bowl appearance.

I see no fearful scenarios here.


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1) Last year we had no traction on offense; that is not the case this year. The wins were not flukes -- they were well-executed examples of a fine Michigan Football team. I would share your pessimism if I did not see how cohesive this team looks. Yes, they make mistakes and there were plenty of things that, if continued unabated, will eventually yield a bad result. Forcier scrambling around on the dropped throw to Savoy could have been a disaster if he went down. Our secondary got eaten alive for the most part (though, to be sure, against absolute stud receivers the likes of which we won't see until our bowl game, perhaps). Etc. But this is a TEAM and every player out there puts aside his personal ambitions for the sake of the team -- that's what counts the most! And that's one of the key ways in which Weiss was out-coached on Saturday... his teams always have talent but never seem to gel sufficiently. Anyway.... because of all that ^ the Wisco comparison, I think, is not relevant.

2) We will beat Ohio State


September 15th, 2009 at 10:47 PM ^

OSU looked horrid on Offense, which is how they have played BOTH games - and USC looked pretty bad themselves. I think Toledo has a legitimate chance at beating them this weekend. TP is so vain he thinks that he's the end-all for the Bucks. Sucker. He could have been RR's god of offense.

He's like Darth Maul to Tate's Skywalker. The dark side (OSU) always loses in the end.


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How did we go from "We'll be satisfied with 8-4 and very happy with 9-3 because last year" to "I'm going to be crushed if we go 11-1 and lose to OSU?" That would mean we beat Penn State and probably have a good shot at tying/winning the Big Ten. After a 3-9. How could that possibly be misconstrued as a BAD thing? It would be a disappointing loss, but good heavens. We went 3-9 last year. 3-9. Now we're 2-0. Enjoy it.

Eye of the Tiger

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There are 6 decent to better-than-decent teams on our remaining schedule. We win 3/6. We go 9-3, a very respectable inverse of last year's record. This seems very likely. This would also be a very good outcome, given the shock of 2 years ago and the horror of last year.


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Wow this was a strange diary post. It seems very flawed in so many respects I won't even comment. Definitely neg-worthy with extreme prejudice.