My 2010 MSU prediction (UPDATED)

Submitted by RedGreene on May 3rd, 2010 at 6:04 PM

Ok, I'm prolly not gonna make many msu fans with this post and I know that my prediction basically doesn't mean shit, but i thought i would waste everyone's time and post anyway. Western Michigan - loss - western returns a few players from last year so they should be realy good and msu has a lot of players just returning from prison so basically i see a loss. Florida Atlantic - loss - I know Florida Atlantic aint no Florida Gators cause they don't have Tebow (lol,lol,lol) but they should steel be real good and msu defense basically sucked last year so I see this as a loss even though i'm not gonna make many msu friends. Notre Dame - loss - msu losted to them last year and notre dame was not very good cause they had charlie fat ass weis (snicker, snicker, snicker) and now that brian kelly has them running on all their cylanders this should be a blowout loss so bascially it will be a loss. Northern Colorado - loss - i don't know who the hell northern colorado is but they do get a lot of snow so basically they will be prepared in all types of weather so basically in case it snows this shoul be another loss for msu. Wisconsin - loss - enough said Michigan - loss - michigan's defense will be lights out this year under it's second year defensive coordinator so basically i see this game coming dow to two things. 1)we score more points we win. 2)our defense gives up less points and we prolly win. 3) we win 67-2 I know a won't make a lot of msu fans with this prediction but i trying to keep it real. Illinois - loss - 35-9 Nortwestern - loss - northwestern is good. 45-1 Iowa - loss - Iowa is know for it's corn but that doesn't take away from the fact it has a good football team and they know how to win. So basically Iowa will be too much for sparty and win 59-4 Minnesota - loss - 3-2 Purdue - loss - purdue is tough at home and even though it aint at home i still see them taking their rnning game to a new level and sparty can't contain what they can't see. 51-5 Penn State - win - sorry but there is no way sparty beats penn state at state college so basically this is another loss for the green & white spartans of east prison, Michigan. 76-1 So basically sparty will lose every game cause I don't know shit about football but I'm just stupid enough to make this prediction anyway. I know i won't make many spartan friends with this prediction but hey it's the off season and this will be fun. *no bowl game*


I guess i ruffled a few feathers. (giggle, giggle, he, he he) Geez guys i don't know why msu fans would be pissed that i predicted they woulkd lose every game.  Really, you guys don't think it's possible that you lose every game?  Geez guys.  Wow, i just don't know what to say.  Anyhoo i'll lay low until the end of the season and come back and take my medicine if msu wins a game.  Nobody believes sparty goes 0-12?  Nobody?  Gezz guys.


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if I didn't read one of the "rivalry pieces" in the State News before the M-MSU game my freshman year and see that it was written at about the same reading and comprehension level.


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I thought that was the Sparty equivalent of a GBMW post and clearly intended as humor.  Well-done, pretty much... you should send it to Bleacher Report urgently.


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Not enough girls in bikinis in your avatar. No moving smiley faces. Too many correct usage of commas in the first sentence:

Ok, I'm prolly not gonna make many msu fans with this post and I know that my prediction basically doesn't mean shit, but i thought i would waste everyone's time and post anyway.



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Dantonio refuses to shake hands with RR after the Maize and Blue beat Sparty by 321 points breaking the scoring record previously held by Yost's point a minute teams.

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Since I am much to incompetent to start a negbangadise I want to nominate the OP for post of the year. That shit was hilarious. I'd +1 you but you know I'm on a one man members only quest.

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May 3rd, 2010 at 7:09 PM ^

This is only bringing him pleasure.  He is happy you got worked up enough to make this reply post.  I don't doubt that he is tickled to death about this.  Don't give him the pleasure