Must SEE: New Nik Stauskas backyard three point shooting video

Submitted by 615Wolverine on April 24th, 2013 at 8:34 PM
Nice video of him hitting 70/76 three point shots in 5 minutes! The best part about the video was he hit 46 consecutive shots in a row and it was raining! Here's the link, enjoy.



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Third point?  Who gets the first two?

EDIT:  Oh so now you edit your title (without stating as such) to make my post look stupid.  Bad form.  


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Now, all Nik has to do is get back to somewhere between the player he was at the beginning of the year and the player he was at the end of the season.   Imagine what it would be like if he got as hot in in NCAA Tournament for six games as he was at the beginning of the season, or as Glen Rice was in 1989.

When you have a guy who can rain 3's, it changes everything.


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I like Stauskas, but isn't this a little "look at me"???

Plus, this was the best 5-minute drill out of how many attempts?  Impressive, still, but I'm sure it is not a routine performance but his best in some given time period. (Notice the video cut after the introduction)


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The closest thing I've seen in real life to this was Wally Szczerbiak at the indoor pool at Miami University. He stood far beyond NBA 3 point range and made something like 45 of 50, with the first 24 in a row. We would chuck the ball football style to him, and he made shots over and over. We were just screwing around, but it was that day I realized he wasn't your average MAC player..


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Really? Youtube was created so people can "look at me."  It's called You tube for a reason.  And if anything he's posting it to let people know he's getting back to work.  As for your second point, even if this was after multiple attempts (which I doubt), that makes it even more impressive because he'd be even more tired.  The cut was probably because he took some warmups.  He never claimed to be doing it cold.  You try shooting that many shots in that amount of time and see how you're arms feel in the morning.  He made 46 in a row fergodsake.

MGJS SuperKick Party

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He said he was going to put in work the day after the tournament. I personally love this. You don't think the greats have a little look at me in them? It's because they want to be the best. I know it's two completely different players but Kevin Durant said he was sick of being number two today... That's a little look at me as well


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156 myself. But no need to brag. I was damn proud of that myself. And probably close to about 20-25 3's in a row. Nik shooting videos are just incredible. He can definitely shoot. He just needs to get more comfortable/acclimated to the college game. Also, if he wants to hit 90+% from just inside the arc in a game I will gladly approve of him taking that slight step in.

Shakey Jake

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Would like to see him do this with a guy in his face and doing so in a game like situation where he has the ball passed to him. He knows his back yard. A different setting would also be nice. Outside of that, I hope to see him mature as a player next year and take on a bigger role. He has the making of a great player.


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than some kid shooting uncontested baskets in his driveway. Do it in a real game with bona fide athletes defending you, and do it consistently game in and game out, and I'll be impressed. This is a little bit sad.


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You people crack me up. Look at what I wrote—I used the term "consistently."

I've said on MGoBlog before more than once that Nik is going to have a really nice career here, but the hype he's gotten for what he's actually done in games is a little over the top. He's had some really good games like Florida, but he's also had a number of other games in which he was an absolute non-factor offensively. In the first loss at OSU, he had zero points 23 minutes. In the two losses to Wisconsin, he had 9 points total, going 1-9 from the three. In the two Final Four games he was 1-7 from the field in 37 minutes for a grand total of 3 points. Against Syracuse he was a big fat 0-5; luckily we had just enough from the rest of the team to make up for that.

None of this means he's a bad player, especially for being a true freshman, but neither does it prove—yet—that he's the second coming of Glen Rice.


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If anyone ever lives up to hype, please, post it here because it would be the first time in history. As for this video, would you rather him be doing something else besides practicing his shot in the offseason? Can you imagine how tired his arms were after 76 shots? You don't think there's value in developing muscle memory?


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and JB give him the green light to shoot at will.  This may sound like a vague statement I know.  There may be times where one will be upset if he took that shot with someone in his face and missed, but a shooter like him will easily make up for it by hitting a couple threes with a man in his face a couple minutes later.


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I'm pretty sure he already has the green light.

As others have said, this is an impressive and fun video, but has little to do with the areas he needs to improve (or even the shots he gets, I'll bet he had single digit top of the key 3's all year). This is a guy hanging out with his buddies. It's nice. But it doesn't have that much to do with the type of work he needs to do in order to improve (which are mainly defense, ball-handling, and understanding game situation). 


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I hope as Nik matures and gets used to the college game more that he's going to start lighting it up all the time. He was super hot and cold toward the end of the season (mostly cold iirc). Learn some D, hit 3's more consistently, and he's the man