Music at Michigan Games

Submitted by umumber1 on September 7th, 2009 at 3:24 PM
Why are you so negative about music piped in at the football games?  If you are 10 rows away from the band, you can't hear them. In fact, as they march down the field playing the greatest college fight song of all time, you can't here them as they pass you.
I think it is a good idea to awaken the masses with music they can actually hear.  The gand is so stuck on playing classical, boring music and sounding great that it puts the crowd to sleep. 
Other bands come to the stadium (from that school that will not be named down south) and you can hear them everywhere.   When I was a student we complained about not being able to hear the band for the entire four years.  
I say, change can be good.  Michigan was stuck in the 80's with football strategy and Rich Rod will try and pull us into the 21st century.  I say, do the same with the band.  Either wake the band up or play some good music.
And, finally, what about firing the crowd up?  No question some good rock and roll can get the job done.  
Don't fear change! This is not your father's football team nor your father's stadium.  Move forward, don't look backward!