Multiple Florida Players Suspended for Michigan Game

Submitted by Mocha Cub on August 13th, 2017 at 4:34 PM

Per Trey Wallace, a college football writer for Also seems to be confirmed by a mod on Florida 247.

A press release is expected later this afternoon/evening.


Posting some tweets below...


**Edit: Confirmed by @GatorsFB twitter account, which is the official twitter account for the Gators football team.

Suspension Information
The following student-athletes have been suspended for Florida's season opener against Michigan.
James Houston, Kadeem TelfortKeivonnis DavisAntonio CallawayJordan SmithRicherd Desir-Jones, and Ventrell Miller.


Mocha Cub

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haha for real


Zaire might be one of the most overrated college players in a long time. All this hoop-la over him every year yet hes never actually played very much

He's going to be on a new team and lacking chemistry with his recievers. Gary and Hurst will be all over him. Zaire is fucked

Mr. Yost

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Has he been named the starter?

And while he doesn't have the stats, he's shown he can be a capable QB. I wouldn't dismiss him completely. I understand he's not Lamar Jackson or Deshaun Watson, but he's that QB who can have that one big game versus YOUR team...then turn around and look like absolute ASS in 2-3 straight games. At least that's my opinion of him. Some potential, wildly inconsistent...which makes him dangerous not because of talent/ability but because you have no idea when he's going to have that game that makes you go "oh, I see what the fuss is about!"

That QB you make look like a Heisman candidate or that QB you destroy and he throws 4 picks against you.

Personally, I think Florida is going to try to rely on its defense and play ULTRA conservative and they're going to run Zaire and give him a bunch of easy throws so he doesn't have those 4 picks. I can see a 9 for 17 for 92 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT type game...and that's not going to get it done.


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I thought we would win this game regardless, but this news makes me more confident and yet scared at the same time. Does this make the opener a #NoExcuses type of game that we have no business losing?

Goggles Paisano

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A Gator friend of mine said he hasn't heard much about the non-callaway guys but also said he hasn't done a good job following this offseason.   There could be a role player/contributor in there but losing Callaway is going to make an already uphill climb for that offense much more steep.  


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Jawaan Taylor was held out of practice on Friday, he's their best offensive lineman so if he's suspended then they will get annihilated by our defensive front.

Edit: He's not involved.


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Read that this happened a while ago and McElwain is furious that it got out and forced his hand in suspending these guys.  With the other Callaway stuff as well, doesn't sound like he's exactly the dean of discipline.


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Credit to Florida for taking decisive action. People can argue that they didn't want it public, but there's no way that was going to happen. They're taking real steps.

They might be SEC but not all SEC schools are the same. LSU gives passes on this stuff, but in my experience Florida and Georgia actually do stuff. Or at least Georgia used to, don't know about the new regime.


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Poster above says he read something somewhere that McElwain was upset because he wanted to keep it quiet.

That's not fact, it's not reporting, and it's definitely not documentation. We are talking about a third or fourth-hand rumor. Who, exactly, has the kind of inside information on McElwain's frame of mind that is also willing to reveal information designed to make him look as bad as possible? It is far more plausible that people who wish to bag on McElwain promulgate rumors that make him look as bad as possible even when he does the right thing.

I don't believe what that poster read, no. I can only evaluate the actions Florida took, and the actions were decisive and potentially costly.


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He suspended Callaway now, after previous incidents of sexual assault and a citation for smoking the herbs, and you're calling his actions "swift and decisive", but jumping my shit for saying it will be interesting to see how things play out? I'm sorry that I attacked your sons character, Mrs McElwain.


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The actions were decisive today. I did not use the word "swift," so your use of quotations was curious. How this deals with the wider Callaway issue isn't really what I was discussing; I was critiquing the above post that you referenced and the general attitude that believes bad things rumored about people they dislike.


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Apologies for misquoting you- not sure where I got swift from.
I don't know where to begin with "the actions were decisive today". I'm not going to give him credit for taking decisive action today, when this is a guys third transgression with the program. The rumor that this was being swept under the rug until it became public just compounds that.
I don't believe anything other than what we know as facts, and as such, stated that it will be interesting to see how things play out.


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Yep. Wasn't actually credit card fraud, but were using their book money to buy electronics and then sold them.

Not quite the same, but it's similar to the Buckeyes selling their stuff for tattoos. The actual act didn't warrant the severe sanctions, but Tressel's coverup. I think technically these guys would be ineligible if it came to light. The cynic in me thinks this is more about them not wanting the NCAA to take a look once it started gaining traction than it is discipline.