MSU/Miami (Fla) home and home (edited)

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on October 20th, 2010 at 2:48 PM

MSU scheduled a home and home with Miami in 2020/2021. Discuss 


Heavily edited as my initial post was based off of a phone call from a friend who works in the athletic department at MSU. A peon, but a worker nonetheless. 



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Christians have won the toss and elected to defer to the lions.

This wont end well for Sparty.

Miami....Boise near and yet so far. That's a (blue) horse of a completely different color.


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Personally, I think MSU is on their cinderella season and will be terrible next year after all the seniors depart. Secondly though, this will be nice to see Boise not play on a neutral field and actually see them play a true road game. I know VT basically was, but you think MSU will be unloading tickets to the blue crew out their in Boise as if it was a neutral field? I dont think so.


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Most of the folks around here really dont know anything about MSU

I read that comment too and LOL'ed.

What, you lose Jones and Gordon at LB, but holy hell, I'll take your backups at LB over our entire depth chart at the position. Our whole O comes back next year, so does MSU's. Not to mention 2008 and 09 MSU recruiting classes look like the real deal.

MSU aint going anywhere. We're heading towards an 1987-1993 era, IMHE.


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LOL'ed... I understand that they got some good young talent... but 10 to 11 starters isnt losing nobody especially when 3 are O-lineman and one of those is your LT. Also the lead blocker that's been blowing holes.. a safety, corner and DE... that's not like they aren't losing anyone...


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A quick look at their depth chart reveals both starting tackles and the starting center will graduate.  Along with that they lose Dell, Gantt, Jones, Gordon, Hyde, a defensive end that will probably be beat out by Gholston, and their punter.  That's how you get to 10.  So I won't go as far as to say they lose a ton, but they definitely won't be returning 18 of 22 starters like Michigan will be.


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I like most of the holdovers over most of those guys. They arent going away. Sadly. They have a lot of depth

Wasnt trying to call you out personally, btw, even if it looks that way.

For some reason, I thought Hyde had more eligibility left, but thats not the case.

They're pretty loaded on the DL, so they can absorb the Neely loss. They have plenty of TEs. Losing Dell is big, but that means more chances for Martin who really is their best WR playmaker. Jones and Gordon are huge blows, but I really, really like their second string. Of course, it will be a step back from Jones/Gordon, but they will still be in the top half of the league at the positional unit. I dont know how to judge the OL. We're losing 2 starters, but everyone expects that be a strength for MICH next year. MSU is losing 3 starters, but didnt they replace 2-3 starters this year and they're performing better than a year ago. Who knows?

I think they'll be Big 10 contenders next year as well........BUT, that is one tough division, yo. Welcome OSU and Brasker on their slate.

So, while I disagree this is a 'Cinderella' year, it is certainly a perfect storm of talent and schedule to get 10-11 or even GASP 12 regular season wins. I just dont see next year as anything close to a rebuilding year for them. They'll be contending for a January bowl or better.


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I'll agree with you. What I meant (and should have stated) was that, this year is the perfect storm season for Sparty. I dont think they are going to fall off the map I jsut think losing 2 guys like Gordon and Jones are going to be a bigger impact than people realize. Also, losing a center and a left tackle that are backed up by Redshirt Freshman is going to be a massive downgrade. The unsung hero for that team is the FB (Bendzuck), they arent going to be able to replace his ability to kick people out with the people behind him IMO. We'll see next year is next year... Who knows maybe my mind is clogged by fears of 0 - 4...


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I am totally undervaluing that Fullback, for sure. It almost makes me want to rewatch one of their recent games. Almost, lol. I'll make a point to pay attention to him on Saturday, though.

The thing with their OLine is that I thought it would be a weak link this year, and it doesnt appear to be. So, now I've done a 180 and give their coaches the benefit of the doubt that they can plug in.

No question, Jones and Gordon will be huge losses. I just think there's some good talent across the board on their D that they will still be strong there.

I thought you were trying to say they were going back to being a 5-6 win team with that Cinderella stuff, which is why I lol'ed. Frankly, I wasnt even paying attention who actually said it.

Still way too much football this year to really start breaking down next year, anyway. Cheers.


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MSU has depth on both sides of the ball. Players like Kevin Pickleman and Blake Treadwell, and Chris Norman get serious playing time  as just sophmores. Jerel Worthy (easily the 2nd best player on defense) is just a sophmore. True Freshmen like Bullough, Gholston, and Dennard are getting good looks at playing time.
All of the offensive skill players (except Dell) will likely be returning next year.
The schedule gets tougher next year, but IMO the team does not get any worse.


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Great question.  Plus by 13' the Big Ten might be into 9 conference games. 

Interesting in that if you want a playoff like many fans, this is a matchup of two teams that could mess the current system up by running the table this year.


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Sparty will be looking for some pay back after an undefeated BSU faces off against an undefeated TCU squad in the MNC game, leaving the third undefeated of the season...Sparty on the outside looking in.


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MSUAD tweet: "Announced today: MSU will host Miami (Fla) on 9/26/2020 & travel to Miami on 9/18/2021. Bringing great football to the State of Michigan."

(quoted for accuracy, not agreement.)

So I don't know if the Boise State thing is still in play, but this has MSU with home & home series with West Virginia in 2014 & 2015 and with Alabama in 2016-2017 and now Miami in 2020-2021.


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Bringing great football to the State of Michigan

Well, I suppose that's a nice way to spin "We're undefeated and Jerry Jones would still rather watch our rivals"


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Funny that for Boise State beating MSU will justify national championship hopes.  While any other Big Ten team plays them as one of the easier tests of the conference schedule.  Way to go for the "Big Fish" BSU. 


-edit- I say this because we all know that MSU's record so far this year is the exception, not the rule. 


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It is Miami (FL) in 2020 and 2021.  That is less than inspiring, but at least teams are getting serious about getting away from cupcakes.  I believe that Brandon will be scheduling big games for as long as people are willing to play us.

oriental andrew

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what is VT, chopped liver?

Definitely a win for BSU though as they finally get a BCS level conference team to play them. 

Unless you meant on the smurf turf, in which case both Oregon (2009) and Oregon St (2004, 2006) have played @ BSU in recent years.  Larger point taken, though, as the other BCS conference teams they've played have all been on the road or in bowls.


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MSU reminds me of Cincinatti last year.. They could go undefeated after beating only 2 pretty solid teams, then play in a BCS game, not the NC and just get shit on by whoever it is.


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It's increasingly going to be important for recruiting purposes to have inter-regional games like this to increase your team's profile.  This is one of the reasons the Alabama game is so great for M and one of the reasons that M needs to keep having big names on its non-conference schedule other than ND. 


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had games with North Carolina, California and Miami all scheduled years in advance and all canceled within the last decade.


Good for Sparty, the Sr class in 2020 is now 12 years old.


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With the slate of OOC games that MSU is scheduling over the next decade, and the push for 9 Big Ten games/season, will MSU maintain their OOC game with ND? Just curious...


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Who knows? Maybe maybe resurges and is awesome again, maybe MSU somehow manages to sustain a good program.

but in all likelyhood, they will both remain underachievers and most people will yawn at these games