MSU Would "Handle the Walton Situation Differently" Now; WAS Employed at MSU...

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This means that at least two lies have been exposed and admitted by MSU here. First, Walton was an officially documented MSU employee, contrary to what Izzo/MSU/Walton first said. Second, they are tacitly stating things were not handled correctly by saying they would "do things differently today." This could be how it all starts...the end of Izzo, that is. The cynic in me wonders if this information comes out if he doesn't get bounced in the Round of 32? 



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It's not intelligence but knowledge that leads to doubt. Study after study shows true experts in their fields tend to recognize complexities and gaps in knowledge that are oblivious to the ignorant. The more we know about a thing, the more we tend to recognize our own ignorance. 

Great article laying out this area of research:  


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Izzo is going to leave MSU soon. Might not be this year, but this stress isn't going anywhere and he's also not getting any younger. Yes, MSU won't fire him unless they have a video of him also punching a sexual assault victim in the face, but this ongoing investigation will shorten his tenure at MSU. And this gives MSU and Izzo a permission structure to move it along.

But I have a sense that doesn't really matter in this weird debate people are having.


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MSU gave the middle finger to ESPN and publicly questioned their credibility by essentially giving them the "fake news" credibility and empowering their fanbase to put voice to the same. Twitter is a gong show in this regard. 

Naturally, ESPN, who has waged a years long information war with MSU is going to be a) pissed off about that and b) pissed off about having their credibility challenged. The World Wide  Leader has plenty of resources and all the time in the world, it would seem, to put out monthly reports on all things MSU or bi-monthly or more often as the news cycle allows.

The fallout of Nassar is just beginning. These lies exposed. ESPN probably has more. You're more comes out the protections that Izzo once had a MSU diminish. The loss of Hollis probably hurts both he and Dantonio in that way as well.


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That's the part I never got in how the school has handled this. They took the natural fire wall toady fans build around cult hero coaches like MD and Izzo and tossed gasoline all over it.

When you challenge OTL, you challenge a well regarded news team, the well regarded reporter in charge of the piece, and their legal counsel That counsel goes line by line of every story and clears each line before it ever sees the air.

If you are the University, you had better have a strong case that you are the victim of some conspiracy of "fake news" before you head down that path in any way. Because you invite more aggressive reporting in response. Worse is you probably don't have enough facts to know where the next bomb will go off.

If you think about it, we've seen that time and again from MSU during this affair. They don't have enough information because they haven't done their homework. They don't know where the land mines are hidden. But they still charge in with chest out issuing blanket denials and launching baseless counterattacks.

It might make their fans feel good, but it's a very dangerous legal and public relations strategy. 


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Oh, you found those child support documents? well, uh, yeah, he "worked" here, but it was a strange time way back in 2010, and we forgot there is a super secret part time worker's system that we didn't check, and, well yeah, but you're credibility is still gone. 

Amazing the amount of obstruction and lies coming out of EL.  The ircular logic, of nothing was found, but you didn't report or investigate, but nothing was found, is killing me.  

Judge Judy has it right (Through Mark Twain), "If you tell the truthyou don't have to remember anything"


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Oh absolutely.  I have no idea why MSU thought they could beat MSU, especially after multiple court decisions went against them about withholding information.  And it's not like any news organization, even one as mediocre as ESPN usually is, will simply accept your statement that nothing exists or that there is no record to answer some question.  They dig around.  And considering MSU has been shown to be profoundly bad at their jobs in some many ways, it was a foregone conclusion that ESPN was going to find leaks.  And yeah, as you mentioned, when you call someone's credibility out it better be supported by more than annoyance.  It's why I think Miller at Arizona is screwed - he called out ESPN for lies, and you better believe that they'll find enough to paint him as the shady recruiter he's been at Zona.

I don't think Dantonio will be out because while those sexual assaults and their handling were bad, there hasn't been any new evidence to come out and since this is the off-season for football, there hasn't been the media saturation.  And yes, Izzo is also taking some of the fire now that Dantonio would have probably gotten instead.  


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MGrowOld is 100% correct here.  Dantonio is untouchable up there- no matter what was done- his record against Michigan is more important to MSU faithful and most importantly the Regents than any assault/rape cover-up (if this happened, and I'm not saying at all that it did).  Izzo is not as protected  more so due to his teams performance recently than anything else, especially against Michigan.  Beating Michigan is valued above all else in East Lansing.


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Dantonio is for now, but their gong show/criminally negligent BoT haven’t beaten Michigan and are hanging around only until they come up for election. I vote, and it won’t be for incumbents. Also, MSU has a Board of Trustees, not Regents.


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Nobody is untouchable up there anymore because both Simon and Hollis are gone.  The new heads owe nothing to the old guard, and it would be quite logical to give their 60+ year old coaches a graceful exit and start with younger guys.  So if anything, you might see both these guys leave soon even if not formally fired.  And I still hold that Dantonio's team got super lucky last year, and a regression on winning 6 1-score games out of 7 could well speed up an exit.


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I really don't.  It's hard to de-program a member of a cult.  Dantonio and Izzo are cult leaders at this point.  Not all, but a hell of a lot, of Sparties have totally lost it and have the kool aid in hand.  

I've said it before, this is like a creepy psychology experiment at this point.  People will beleive what they need to believe if the alternative is admitting their hero/sense of identity is a fraud.

Izzo might go because he sucks at his job.  As long as Dantonio continues to beat Michigan, no amount of disgusting dirt will be enough to get him out of there.  Hope MGrowOld is wrong...  Except he probably isn't.  The world is a scary place filled with sheep.


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I agree that, if left to their own devices/discretion, no serious action would be taken by MSU against anyone in the BB and FB programs. The key is to have continuous outside spotlight and pressure.


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So the Walton sexual assault would be handled differently now that the rampant sexual assaults within the athletic department have been brought to light. Izzo swept this sexual assault under the rug, along with countless other sexual assaults, but he's a changed man! He's seen the light! He does not condone sexual assault anymore! Going forward, he will do things differently. Sounds like a fantastic leader!!