MSU Will End 2018 Winless Against Us

Submitted by BursleyHall82 on October 22nd, 2018 at 8:05 AM

Just another fact to remember as we head back to work this morning with our MSU colleagues. Those sons-a-bitches will end 2018 winless against us in both men's basketball and football. They're 0-2 in basketball and 0-1 in football.

And none of those games were in Ann Arbor.



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Although we do have to play MSU twice more in hockey in 2018.

So do we just do what our rival fans do..? If we win both of those games, this stat includes hockey. If we don't, obviously hockey doesn't matter and we won all the games in the sports that matter?


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I was having a fun back-and-forth with an MSU fan yesterday. He pulled out the, "yeah, so we lost, big deal. Dantonio is still 8 of the last 11." To which I responded, "um, OK, he is also 8 of the last 12. Or, he is 7 of the last 10, if you prefer? Or 2-2 over the last 4?" Then I commented on the amazingly odd historical principles surrounding MSU football vis-a-vis their fans. It is as if history simply does not exist until Dantonio was hired. It reminds me a LOT of early Christians. Dantonio is like Jesus, and we are living in the year 12 AD (After Dantonio). They don't count the losses in the "BD" years, as the King of Peace had not yet been given unto man. So even though we won something like 75% in the years 20 to 0 BD, those losses just don't count. 


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I thought it was pretty clearly a joke, implying that Dantonio was viewed that way by delusional MSU fans, and nothing else. And since it seems to have been taken by others that way, and did not start a "religious debate" (and certainly was not intended to do so), I assumed Seth's response was a joke. That's why I followed-up with another quip. But hey, what do I know. 


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I guess I find it a little odd that obvious trolls can go days and weeks on here without so much as getting noticed or mentioned by the mods, but this silliness elicits the attention of TWO moderators? I wonder if this is an implementation of board policy by the moderators, or just an expression of their own personal preferences? 

UM Fan from Sydney

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We really need thread voting back because I'd like to up vote this one. Is there a reason why thread voting is not a thing anymore? I have a feeling it's so we cannot make OPs feel bad for making silly threads.


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Hey, let's start a meme where we tout the number of days Sparty has gone winless against us in specific sports and them paint it on our chests like a bunch of immature assholes....oh wait, that's already been done.



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Yes, somebody who isn't BursleyHall1982 needs to look up our record vs. MSU in ALL sports for 2018. They're awful in most of the Olympic sports, so I'm guessing it's pretty impressive.

This just hasn't been their year.


October 22nd, 2018 at 10:46 AM ^

Because I have too much time on my hands, I looked at the schedules of all teams in calendar 2018.  Including events with multiple teams participating (such as conference championships), Michigan holds a record of 33-5 against Michigan State in all sports, with no Spartan team winning more than once against Michigan.  There are only 2 sports (Men's Cross Country and Women's Golf) where Michigan lost the only meeting between the schools.  Here's the breakdown:

MEN (18-2)

Baseball - 4-0

Basketball - 2-0

Cross Country - 0-1

Football - 1-0

Golf - 2-1

Hockey - 3-0

Swimming & Diving - 2-0

Tennis - 1-0

Track & Field - 1-0

Wrestling - 2-0


WOMEN (15-3)

Basketball - 1-1

Cross Country - 1-0

Field Hockey - 2-0

Golf - 0-1

Gymnastics - 2-0

Rowing - 1-0

Soccer - 1-0

Softball - 2-1

Swimming & Diving - 2-0

Tennis - 2-0

Track & Field - 1-0