MSU Week: Monday

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Surprised there hasn't been more on the board.  I feel bad for all the Michigan residents who deal with the Brah's on a regular basis. Well a snowflake tread if you will.


Issues for me:

-Some kind of Snap Count Variation

-Trick plays by MSU

-Health of Devin "60 minutes and all"/Max protect.





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Hoke road wins:

2011- Northwestern, Illinois

2012- Minnesota, Purdue

2013- UConn

Winless in- South Bend, Happy Valley, Columbus, Kinnick Stadium, East Lansing, Lincoln. (Yes, he's only played one game in these stadiums, but still not a very encouraging trend so far. Especially when you consider the manner in which most of these games were lost.)


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Let's consider the way we lost in those venues, shall we?

South Bend - Denard's birthday from hell. We lost by a single score despite turning it over 6 times. 4-5 of which occurred in the red zone. We had more total offense, first downs and rushed for nearly a full yard more per attempt. If Denard doesn't implode when in view of the goal- line, we win by 2+ scores, as most of the turnovers were unforced errors.

Happy Valley - We've all re- hashed this game enough recently. It was ours, we gave it away. If our almost always money kicker doesn't revert to his pre-"brunette girls" self, we win. Could Hoke have made some better decisions? Yes. Was it his fault we lost? No.

Lincoln - Please. The only thing Hoke could have done to prevent this road loss was to abandon the backup QB that had actually thrown a ball that season. Nebraska caught us in our most vulnerable game ever because Denard got hurt. We were marching down the field when he went out. We lost by two scores, but we all know why this loss happened and it wasn't Brady Hoke's fault.

Iowa City - Close game with a questionable no-TD call that could have altered the outcome. We got outplayed most of this game and deserved the loss. I suppose this could be on Hoke.

Columbus - I still have no idea what kind of drugs Borges took at halftime. That can be on Hoke because he didn't tell him to stop, but we still had a chance in Columbus against a good Buckeye team.

East Lansing - Garbage tornado with unnecessary roughness the whole game. The final score is skewed because of Denard's late pick-six. I do hold Hoke accountable for Borges' cute play calling near the goal line killing our game-tying TD drive. It was closer than people choose to remember.

Now, all that being said, those are all close games, but still losses. We still have a road monkey on our back. All we need to succeed on the road are small improvements - not major changes.

Sorry for the TL DR. I'm tired of the close losses on the road, but I'm confident Hoke can get things corrected. Let's hope my confidence is not foolhardy.


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Beat Sparty. Lot of talk about the offense vs their defense but I hope Mattison calls an aggressive gameplan agaisnt their offense; Cook is and has evolved but is still susceptible to errors. Stopping their new hulk of a running back will be difficult at times but I think we hold up okay in that regard.


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I realize the focus is on UM's offense vs MSU's defense but I hope Mattison has some stuff planned for Cook.  He's young and seems to be getting better and gaining some confidence.  But i gotta believe he's going to have some serious butterflies in his stomach come game time.  I hope we don't go bend but don't break and let Cook possibly gain some confidence and get settled. 


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Sorry mods if this is inappropriate but I thought people might like it