MSU vs Ohio: Who are you rooting for?

Submitted by althegreat23 on August 3rd, 2011 at 2:13 AM

This year Michigan State plays at Ohio on Oct. 1. Who are you rooting for?

I hate both of them equally, but this year I think I want to Ohio State to win to knock Michigan State off their short-lived high horse.



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even backup players. I remember when that MSU CB snapped his leg against Wisco. I think his name was Tyrel Dortch (if memory serves). That was horrifying, and I wouldn't even wish that on Pryor.


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More so, Michigan wins / success equals more Valenti tirades.

Michigan does well in recruiting? That's just because "Hoke is selling a false dream," "Hoke is only doing well because he can promise early playing time," (which is very interesting to me considering all of the starters Michigan has returning from last season) "but MSU still has a Top-20 class!" etc. Michigan sweeps MSU in hoops? "Kalin isn't near 100%," "the seniors quit," etc. Everything this coward says is seen through green lenses. 

To answer the OP's question though, Ohio. I want Michigan to go 14-0 every year and Ohio to go 12-1. It makes the rivalry more relevant and exciting.  


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Did you not see the '/s'? I don't know why my initial comment was made as flamebait. I said the blue hornet thing because of Abdelkader's(msu alum) remarks about dropping a bomb on the Big House and I said "horse poo" because all osu fans rag on the Big House by calling it stupid names.

You need to lighten up a litte bit.


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Actually, Michigan State will be into the conference schedule on Oct. 1. They don't play Ohio this year. Better note that in the thread title. FansSoundLikeMoronsWhenTheySayOhio#



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Gotta go with TSIO.  I grew up in the East Lansing area and have WAY too many Spartan friends.  I don't want to hear their mouths running if they beat OSU, I'll be much happier with them put in their rightful place.  The Big Ten is UM & TSIO.  Forget Sparty!!


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I'm rooting the same way. I believe the Spartan's last year was a fluke, but I'm afraid if it wasn't that they'll have boasting rights for the first Big Ten Championship round. I'd go with OSU because I think they're in a less secure place. They have to keep MSU from being on top of the conference.


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This is the ONLY correct answer.

The Michigan fan base needs to adjust to the divisional format.

M fans should be rooting for all of the Legends teams to lose when they play OSU and the other Leaders teams. Maybe toward the end of the season when some Legends team is hopelessly behind Michigan would it make sense to root for them to beat OSU. As long as Legends team have a chance to tie or top Michigan in the division standings it is in Michigan's interest for OSU to beat our divisional rivals. Period.

turd ferguson

August 3rd, 2011 at 2:54 AM ^

I won't be rooting for either one, but I'll root against OSU a little harder than I root against MSU. MSU is an irritating, unjustifiably cocky neighbor on a temporary high. OSU is an eternal mortal enemy - and a formidable one.


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Tough one, but I think I'd like to see OSU win. For one every loss that our divisionmates have is a plus for us. That and I just want MSU fans to shut their mouths. I myself get more out of a MSU loss than an OSU loss becuase I never have to deal with OSU fans where I deal with MSU fans quite frequently. Either way I'll still be happy because I hate them both.


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I would like to see some of the more hysterical predictions for 2012 come early, and see both teams sucked into a black hole as time collapses around them.


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I will watch the DVR of that game in disgust.  I can’t bring myself to root for either team. The bad news is one team will to win. The good news is one team will lose. My hate list in order is Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Michigan State that‘s the best answer I can give.


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that are the true litmus test for my disdain towards a school.  I realize how much I truly dislike Sparty as I always cheer for them to lose.  Regardless of opponent.  For me, I'm sure it has something to do with being from the Lansing area before going to Michigan, then marrying a girl who has  7 or 8 something Sparty grads in her family (including herself).  Family gatherings have gotten much more difficult to tolerate over the past several years.