MSU student beaten, stabbed, by a "group of student athletes" [hockey]

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Didn't the exact same thing just happen there in like 2009?

A Michigan State University student from Saline is alleging he was beaten and stabbed by a group of student athletes, according to a statement from his mother sent to


Brandon Carmack

Courtesy of Barb Carmack

Brandon Carmack, an advertising major, was beaten, stabbed in the head and arm and left with a broken nose and broken ribs, Barb Carmack said in an email to

The incident occurred earlier this week outside of a home on Beal Street in East Lansing, according to an MLive Lansing report.

Carmack and her husband did not return phone calls nor an email from seeking comment on the incident. MLive Lansing is reporting affiliate WLNS was told a police report has been filed with the East Lansing Police Department.

Police directed WLNS to the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office and officials there declined to comment on the incident.

Pictures sent to by Barb Carmack show visible injuries to her son’s face, arms, midsection and legs. Some of the pictures show Brandon Carmack in a neck brace with cuts and scrapes on his face.

MSU officials did not return an email sent Thursday asking if a group of athletes is involved in a police investigation in this attack.…



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If true, this is truly unfortunate and I hope this young man recovers. Also if true I look forward to seeing the alleged assailants not get punished and shutting Sparty's up about Toussaint.


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What other school out there has three incidents like this in such a short period of time? They've had three recent student athlete assaults on fellow students (and one was another student-athlete). Penn State had one big incident, M has had one, Wisconsin just had one, but three? What's in the water up there? Assuming this was the work of athletes, of course.


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My mom was watching the news last night, and that's what they said.

And I went to High School with the kid, and that's just what's spreading through the Facebook grapevine

So take it for what it's worth


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FWIW, the reporter is a 2010 Sparty grad. I assume he doesn't want to call out the particular sport invovled at his alma mater until they have dead-on-balls confirmation as to who the perps were.

Either that, or is being purposely vague because they know the speculation will generate a ton of clicks with the start of football season upon us.


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That's awful - I hope the Brandon has a full, speedy recovery and I hope those responsible get prosecuted. An absolutely senseless act perpetrated by equally senseless people. 


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I thought sure I would have the chance to make the "This is what happens when the largest group of retreads and aresheals in the country lose the leadership of Draymond Green and Kirk Cousins" comment.  I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow.


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I can't get over how perfectly MSU-athlete-stereotypical this is. I'm not even sure if it's funny because I'm just so surprised that MSU athletes keep doing things this stupid


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Gives them a 10 minute misconduct with an ejection.  I love to piss in spartys wheaties but listening to the story makes me wonder how big of a fight he and his girl friend got into.  It wouldn't be unheard of that a man might get the beat down if he was perceived to be a little too rough with his woman.   


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I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened more; I predicted a larger spike a few years ago after the frathouse beatdown.  Dantonio's players are creating a criminal environment on the MSU campus, and it is spreading to other teams.  This, of course, is producing a negative effect on the safety of their students.  

The police and DA look the other way so much, as they did at Wonders Hall, that athletes who play any of the "big three" MSU sports must feel they have utter impunity when it comes to committing acts of violence or sexual assault against other students.  

I'm glad that Michigan gets rid of the "bad apples" before they can rot the rest of the bushel.


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my son, who is not yet conceived, is for sure not going to Michigan State. He wasn't going to anyways, but I'm not sending him somewhere where you are liable to get mugged for no reason.


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Considering I was called a deragatory term for a homosexual while walking with my wife (who was, on two separate occassions, assaulted verbally and physically for wearing a UM shirt while running) during my three years in EL by regular students, I am not remotely surprised that the athletes on that campus are more pugnacious than usual.

Still, three similar assaults in the past couple of years seems pretty crazy.  Since the NHL is going on a lockout, I'm putting my money that Ryan Miller returned to blow off some steam.


EDIT:  Also, completely unrelated (and I mean in now way am I accussing any MSU students or athletes of being involved), but apparently there was an anti-Semetic hate crime on campus as well.  It's a Freep link, but it is pretty horrific.