MSU-"Storied Program"

Submitted by Fresh Meat on October 1st, 2009 at 1:01 PM

So I turn on FSN Detroit to watch the Tigers clinch, and it's the end of Spartan Football All-Access before the game. One of the show's people is interviewing Dantonio, and he says, "Well coach, we've got Michigan and Michigan State this weekend, two storied programs..." Excuse me? Two what? I think he is confusing two storied programs with two programs with a story. Michigan's being the winningest program of all time and MSU's being, well let's just say not that. I just found it really funny that he referred to MSU as a "storied" program, and wanted to share the humor.



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doesn't scrape over a .500 winning percentage over the last 40+ years. I think I read it on Rivals, but the University of Chicago has more Big 10 Championships than MSU. Storied? That is insulting!


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Wasn't there a t-shirt that I saw on this site once that simply had UofM > U of Chicago > MSU? Couldn't remember where it was from, but thought it was in the post dealing with what a kid sitting the MSU student section for this weekend's game should wear.


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The biggest "story" of them all was the one where MSU suddenly surpassed UM as a program last year. Dantonio should stick to "Goldilocks and the Three Bears;" at least his team has a shot at understanding that one.

Mr. Maize

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I saw this too. Gave me a nice chuckle. You just tell Sparties, "Yes you are a storied program." Kind of like saying, "No those jeans don't make you look fat."

Then you give the eye roll when you walk away..


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the MSU football player who sucker-punched a MSU hockey player, played for the rest of football season while the "investigation" was conducted, served some time, then managed to be released in time for the start of fall practice.

MSU is a 'storied' program; many of the stories from the last 40 years are dismal.


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"So I turn on FSN Detroit to watch the Tigers clinch,"

If they wind up losing, I blame you for jinxing it. And if they miss the playoffs, I will curse you for all eternity.