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Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on October 21st, 2018 at 3:00 PM

Here's your thread for snowflakes and hot takes regarding the overall coaching performance. 



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I gotta hand it to coach Brown . Last year I was disappointed as he seemed unprepared for the trick crap . This year he seemed ready for everything.  This defense totally shut them down. Though that td to'd they not know MSU would.pull that .   It's classic Classless Mark.  So be it . Our D is buzzsawing everyone .And it's without Gary. 


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Did enough to win today - but no way is Pep maximizing the talent on the field or optimizing the game plan to exploit the weaknesses of the defense week to week. Compare to the run game, which seems to have plenty of wrinkles and adjustments and gets better as the game goes on.

Like Durkin, I think he’s a decent coach but not a plus coach. Absolutely no reason Michigan should not have a plus coach. 


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Brian brought this up last week - not enough quick downfield passes or midrange zone beaters. Everything is short with minimal YAC opportunity or a long developing deep ball. Too many passing down situations with only one or two options that are both low percentage. We’re playing a ton of teams with hyper aggressive LBs and not really punishing them by attacking the space they vacate. Not punishing soft outside coverage. Perry and Evans, ideal players to fill those gaps, are criminally underutilized in the passing game. Execution by Shea is part of the issue, but it’s not the whole problem  

Again, not saying he’s “bad”, but he’s far from the best. Other teams do more with less. He is not the Don Brown of passing offense. 


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Perhaps there needs to be more of that stuff (that great play that got Perry wide open where the ball was batted at the LOS, for example) but honestly we need to hold Harbaugh responsible for that. He's the OC. It's not like Harbaugh has ever had a dynamic short passing game here. 


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It sure seems like we could do a better job of getting the ball into the hands of our playmakers in the passing game. I marveled at the creativity of the Purdue passing attack. Granted they play a pure spread but they constantly have high percentage throws to guys in full stride with an opportunity for yards after the catch.


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Part of that is on Shea.  As Brian pointed out in the UFR this past week and Klatt pointed out during the telecast today, there are times when Nico and DPJ are one on one and Shea won't throw it.  Give your guys a chance to make a play.  Heck, on the 3rd down play where Shea was sacked and then Nordin missed the FG, DPJ was open in the endzone.  On the replay you could see that as soon as he was going to make his cut to the sideline he was going to be open.  


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Or maybe Harbaugh has told him not to take those risks. Patterson is still new in the offense and has admitted to wanting to become a better game manager rather than gun-slinger/wildcard, so maybe we are just seeing the extreme end of that because we haven't needed anything more than that.

Only time it maybe would've made a difference is at ND and the offense was so discombobulated, especially the line, that it doesn't really count.


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No. Absolutely not. The plays were there to be made all game, outside of a few here and there, and that'll happen. Shae flat out didn't throw the ball several times that would have sustained drives, one missed DPJ for a TD. Throw in Nordin missing the FG, and the score should've been 31-7, even after the turnover that gave them their only score. The coaching staff is on point, as far as general play calling.