MSU sets the bar for B1G basketball. How do we match up? (a July 2012 post/look revisited)

Submitted by michfan4borw on December 4th, 2012 at 2:49 PM

I want the Michigan team to meet all of its goals this season, but I also want the Michigan team to meet one of my goals this season: beat sparty.  Not just once; but everytime we play msu.   The obvious stated, I do believe that no other B1G program has the success of msu in basketball over the last 10-15 years. 

Although Michigan has won 3 of the last 4, the program has a long ways to go to match the success of msu.  Sparty may not be little bro in basketball, but we all known its mentality is 100% "little bro-ish" in football and probably in life.  I do hope the success of Michigan basketball will bring sparty back to its natural mentality--hating on Michigan constantly no matter what the cost.  To reinforce my belief that this is currently happening, I am wondering today:  what player(s)--occupying comparable position/roles for each team--would you trade?  When Vogrich was starting, I might have offered him for Brandon Dawson, but that doesn't seem like equal roles/positions anymore. 

So, who would you trade?  Any of our starting big men for Nix?  Payne? 

Any guards or wings for Appling? Harris?  Valentine?  Trice? Kearney? Byrd?

I'm currently hating my days prepping for a licensing exam, so I appreciate any comments that help me procrastinate or kill time. 



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In my opinion, Harris is the only current Sparty who would possible start or get significant time for us right now. The MSU bigs are both stiffs who cannot move. Their point guard is many steps below Trey. They have a few good young shooters, not much else....IMO.


December 4th, 2012 at 3:40 PM ^

my question remains : who would I trade for Harris?  Trey? nope.  THJ, maybe; but I like the improvements THJ has made, plus THJ has more maturity/experience.

Would I trade Nik Stauskas?    That's a close call, but again, no. I like what Stauskas brings b/c it adds versatility to the group of guards we have.  I don't see Harris bringing that unless you trade him for THJ.


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I respect the MSU program and the way Izzo has built/maintained it a great deal.  I'm thrilled that we're even talking about being near their status at this point.  While player-for-player you might not pick that many Spartans right now, I think the comparisons at each position are very similar and interesting:

  • PG (Burke v Appling) - You'd take Burke for sure, but Appling is the key to their team right now. 
  • SG (THJ v Harris) - I think Harris is their best player, he's just young and injured.  THJ has been great so far and is an upper classman, but these guys are both versatile scorers and you would love to have either of them on your team. 
  • SF (Stauskas v Valentine) - Again, both are good young players you'd love to have....but Stauskas is off to a fantastic start.
  • PF (GR3 v Dawson) - GR3 has been adding more offense, but Dawson is a beast and you'd take him in a tough decision.  Beilein probably wouldn't because he wants his PF to hit some outside shots, but Dawson in a close contest.
  • C (Morgan/McGary v Nix/Payne) - Both of these tandems do the dirty work for their respective teams....and both are inconsistent.  To date you've probably seen more productivity from the MSU duo, thus giving them the edge slightly.....but this is about a wash. 
  • Bench (Spike/Vogrich/Horford/Bielfeldt/LaVert v Kearny/Trice/Byrd/Gauna) - I'd take Trice before anyone else on either team.  Kearny is also more valuable than Vogrich.  Otherwise there isn't much here other than quality bodies to give you a few minutes per game. 

Ali G Bomaye

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Part of Beilein's genius, though, is how he has been able to recruit very good players who also fit his system perfectly.  Stauskas might only be a specialist in some coach's systems, but under Beilein he appears to be a stud.  So there's not much value in comparing player to player - I have little doubt that I'd take Michigan's players under Beilein, but I might take Sparty's players if Izzo were going to coach.