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Izzo is a good coach and to be respected.  But why does he whine so much?  Each of the last  four possessions he was whining to the officials when there was clearly no angle.  He was pathetic at the end of that game.  Obviously he needs to start paying better attention to the play on the floor.


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I agree. I have always liked him but the whining is getting really old. The refs aren't idiots, they can smell his bullshit by now.
<br>By the way, in case you missed it there was an awesome sign at end of the game with a picture of him crying and the sign that read, "You mad bro?". Very timely and appropriate.

snarling wolverine

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I'm surprised how many Michigan fans claim to like (or formerly liked) Izzo.  He's always been a crybaby.  It didn't happen much against us because we couldn't compete against him for a long time, but it's always been there.  Wisconsin fans know all about it (Bo Ryan has dominated head-to-head against Izzo).


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But why does he whine so much?


He cannot help it.  That's the culture in EL.  They cannot ever be proud of their own accomplishments (and show some class in defeat).  The sparty way is to build themselves up by putting others down.  It's a second rate school that cannot carve its own niche -- rather, they're always looking up to scUM for approval.

That's why sparty will always be little brother.

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Did anybody catch the MSU radio postgame interview with Gus Ganakas and Izzo?  There was something very weird going on.  The audio feed of the interview was all messed up.  At least half of it was inaudible; kept breaking up like a bad cellphone connection.  Then, the last thing anyone could hear, was a very pissed off Izzo saying, "You know you guys should spend some money..." and then MSU's host and play-by-play man Will Tieman cuts in and says, "Well that's all for that interview..."  They were all so pissed; it was quite wonderful.


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I wish I could get the stain off my computer after clicking your damn link.

This part was funny though.

24 minutes ago via 247Sports Mobile

Harry Callahan said...

It was a 1 pt game. They wanted it more.

We blow them out in the Breslin Center.

Good luck with that. God hates us.


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Why do they overreact every time win or lose? It's hilarious yet sad at the same time. I'll go to sleep happy knowing that they will literally be crying themselves to sleep tonight.


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Spartan response to a comment which predicts that Michigan will be "blown out" in  EL:

"Good luck with that. God hates us."


Surely you will not receive official notfication until we win the Backyard Brawl next year? Did I miss a sign?


biakabutuka ex…

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0:11 Keith Appling missed Jumper. 59-60  
0:11   59-60 Jordan Morgan Block.
0:07 Brandon Wood Offensive Rebound. 59-60  


0:02 Draymond Green missed Jumper. 59-60  
0:00 End Game


Waters Demos

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All this misses the most piquant MSU schadenfreud, which comes from Mr. Izzo himself, who apparently spent the presser criticizing his freshmen. 

I'm going the ineffectual open letter route here: 

Dear Mr. Izzo,

They are college kids.  They have class tomorrow morning.  You make millions.  STFU.

Sincerely, MSU alum who respects you but won't kiss your ass. 


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that it took until the bottom of the 1st page of the OP's link for someone to mention "getting no help from the whistle" and the bottom of the 2nd page for someone to call the over and back "complete homer BS"


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being lodged there. People arguing that Izzo should not have sat on a one-point lead, and that he should have had a taller team on the floor at the end, are probably right. MSU settled for a lot of outside shots when they were often having their way underneath. Credit Morgan in the second half, however. . .