MSU Schadenfreude

Submitted by Rose Bowl on October 20th, 2018 at 6:30 PM

Schadenfreude ist gut.  If you didn't know how classless they are:


  • Patterson was what we hoped Lewerke would be. Lerwerke played like Steven Threet of yesteryear.
  • This number speaks for itself. I don't care about the injuries or Michigan's defense. I don't care if we play in lightning, rain, fire, snowstorm, shitstorm, frogstorm or even a goddamn sharknado. There is 0 excuse or explanation for a gameplan that yields you 1.9 YARDS PER FRICKING PLAY.
  • MSU should swear out a criminal complaint against D. Bush

  • As for Winobitch and Booger piling on...we will see in the long run. Easy to run your mouths after winning. Shows their real character or lack thereof.
  • Harbaugh is such a weasel. Perfect for that thin skinned douchebag program.
  • Devin Bush and others would not get out of the way on the pregame walk thru on the field.
  • Bush was on the field during our pregame walk. We walked through him and he got mad, tried to fight, then proceeded to tear up the 50 yard line which the grounds crew had to fix.
  • Only Harbaugh and UM can whine, cry, and play the victim after a big win.
  • This. What else is new. Winovich talks little bro shit, DPJ goes helicopter dick at the students, Jim gets a W and acts like a complete ass. 

    This is what makes losing to these tools just.the.worst.

  • UM has always been and will always be the most classless program in all of college football.

  • I wish one media member had any balls and called him out. MSU was WALKING and those players chose to stand in the middle of the field. How on EARTH can you closeline someone when you see them from 50 yards away and they are walking hand in hand towards you? It’s because you chose to be an idiot. It’s funny they have an incredible defense this year but they are arrogant trash.Classless. Trash.Cheap-shot artists.And 21-7 against us while 1/2 our O is out, not impressed. BL had as much to do with our O sucking as their D did.

  • Fuck scum

  • Not only are you wrong but your whore mother should have aborted you with a coat hanger and your father should have slit his own throat.

  • 1) We're not very good at football

  • Warner's sole accomplishment today was a touchdown from a four yard gain.

    Seriously, what was Dave Warner doing all week? Sure we don't have alot in our arsenal right now, but Dave Warner added NOTHING today. We didn't have a single fucking thing up our sleeves. No new looks, no new ideas, no new plays, no new philosophies.

  • Typical UM player trash talking shit after a win, move on faggot.

  • He and the other attention whoring prima donnas can't help but make it about themselves. Take a look around at the other successful programs that just shut up and win. This is why they'll never be in the company of the Ohio States, Alabamas, Clemsons, etc

    It's gonna be hilarious when they fall short of expectations yet again. But unsurprisingly it won't be enough to humble them.

  • 8/12 dipshit

  • They don't teach sportsmanship at UM. It's win and you are the greateast 4-evah and free to disrespect anyone, or lose and make excuses.



October 20th, 2018 at 6:37 PM ^

So now it’s 8-12? I thought they said the past doesn’t matter? 70-39-2 so there is that! Football didn’t start when Dantonio started coaching for you, you fuck tards!


October 20th, 2018 at 6:54 PM ^

Also, this and 2016 doesn't count because they weren't good enough and had some injuries. But don't you dare even say that their wins over RR and Hoke deserve an asterisk. Those were well deserved, and they had every right to talk shit after. But don't give any trash talk back toward them, otherwise you are classless.

B1G Winning

October 20th, 2018 at 6:42 PM ^

Hahahahah! Impeccable spelling in some of those posts, no way they’re all MSU alumns.

Its ok though, their team just lost all fight when they realized they aren’t remotely close to Michigan-level talent.  They’ll fold and get throttled by OSU and be in dog fights against Maryland, Purdue, and even Nebraska.

Staring down the barrel of another 5 loss season in their head coach’s 12th year.


October 20th, 2018 at 7:14 PM ^

At this point they have work to do to make a bowl.  OSU crushes them as long as the weather isn't atrocious.  Maryland and Nebraska are losable road games, and I think Purdue will beat them.  They have to win one of those to get to a bowl game, and at this point I don't see how they score unless you give them the ball inside your own 10.


October 20th, 2018 at 6:42 PM ^

RCMB actually has a thread all about trashing Lewerke pinned to the top. I don't know if it's to try and coral all those comments into one place or what, but it's hella sad either way.