MSU QB Maxwell hurt

Submitted by Chi-Blue on April 17th, 2012 at 11:23 PM

Penciled in MSU starting QB this fall Andrew Maxwell sprained his knee in a scrimmage and will possibly miss the spring game. The really ironic part for all you people who were pissed we didnt take a QB in the 2012 class, is the fact that MSU only has one other scholarship QB on the roster Freshman Connor Cook. This is really scary depth as neither of these guys have ever taken meaningful snaps . . . ever! Iknow Sparty isreally high on their chances this year again but man, I didnt realize how thin they are at the most important position on the field.


His Dudeness

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Don't know why, but this made me think of th DP Show today when McLovin actually said "Kurt Cousins reminds me of Tom Brady." I literally got up and took a shit.


death by trident

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This is pretty much why Denard was only in for one series during the spring game.  We have "ok-ish" depth at QB and we still fear what might happen if Denard gets hurt.

Also, MSU is counting on their defense to carry them.


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Their depth will get better this fall when they get Tyler O'Connor on campus.  Will be essentially the same as ours was last year, with a starter, a second string sophomore, and a true fresman.  

Doesn't sound too serious, but they definitely want him to get as many snaps with those new receivers as possible.  I'll be really interested to watch their passing attack early in the fall.


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I hate to say it, but I think Sparty will trounce BSU.  BSU were scheduled to graduate 27 players this year, and they aren't a school that can reload.  They expect to have as many as eight drafted, and six more who expect to get FA tryouts, for a total of fourteen very good players to replace.  Losing Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, and Tyler Shoemaker, who went from walk-on to most TD passes in one season in school history, is going to hurt them a lot.

BSU might have enough to win eight or nine games because they are in the MWC for one more year, but they won't be sneaking up on any BCS teams this year.  As much as I would love to see Sparty lose to BSU, I can't see the Broncos having enough "horses" to even make this much of a game.

Sparty may have to reload a bit, too, but they still have some of the good luck that has blessed them the last few years.  They have somehow picked the best possible year to play BSU.


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Yeah, I believe that BSU may actually be dead last among Div. 1A teams in number of starters returning.  And one of those is a kicker who rarely kicked FGs.  There is some hope for BSU, as they were able to get the backups some playing time in their many blowout games, but they still have to replace Kellen Moore who went 50-3 in his career.

They may miss Doug Martin too, but DJ Harper has started in the past and is no slouch.  Also, former UM recruit Nick Patti has received a lot of spring hype here, and there is talk about him being in the QB mix if he can pick up the complex playbook quickly enough.

They will likely be physically outmanned against MSU, but with only ONE four star recruit on their entire roster last year they managed to manhandle Georgia in their opener.  Coach Pete seems to get the most out of his guys, and if he can pull off the big win against MSU then he deserves a lot of credit.

Also, you can tell that Sparty knew that they were lucky to schedule BSU when they did, because the return game at BSU is in 2022.  Way to go out on a limb there Sparty.


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They can't reload?  Here's their record over the last 13 years:

1999: 10-3
2000: 10-2
2001: 8-4
2002: 12-1
2003: 13-1
2004: 11-1
2005: 9-4
2006: 13-0
2007: 12-1
2008: 12-1
2009: 14-0
2010: 12-1
2011: 12-1

I'm not saying they didn't lose a lot, but they can reload just as well - or better - than anyone in the country.  That's seven one-loss seasons in the last ten years, two undefeated seasons, and one four-loss season.  It's not like they had Robbie Hummel playing for them for all ten of those seasons, either.  Different guys, same results.

One Inch Woody…

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He has taken meaningful snaps - against Alabama during their curb-stomping on the day-that-was-forgotten. And don't worry, he's fully capable of surpassing Cousins, who as most would say, was simply a "game manager" type. The real problem is the lack of playmaking receivers since Cunningham and Martin, the dangerous 1-2 punch that was a constraint with Leveon Bell are gone. 


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I really hope Maxwell fully recovers. He's from the town where I live (Midland) and started at QB all four years at Midland High. A really bright kid and I know he's done the work waiting for his opportunity at MSU.


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QB was going to be one question for MSU.

WR/TE the other big questions.

Thankfully they have a surprisingly decent OL coming back and 3 capable TBs.

Predicted a more run-centric MSU anyway in 2012.