MSU leads for Kevin Williams

Submitted by Magnus on February 24th, 2010 at 10:37 AM

There's an article from up on Rivals talking about Springfield, OH, defensive tackle Kevin Williams. He visited MSU this weekend and his stepdad attended MSU. MSU leads for him right now.

I thought the following quote was interesting in reference to MSU:

"They definitely say my explosiveness off the ball and quick feet and quick hands. They say those are my greater attributes and that I could make a great contribution to the Michigan State Spartan football team," Williams shared. "And they pretty much told me they like the fact that I'm a good kid, because I don't get in trouble and I'm a good student, and they said that's the type of kid they like in the program."

Either the coaches are stressing that they want good kids or Spartan Mag is turning on the spin in the aftermath of the massacre. Either's funny to me.



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Actually, I would like it if the school was like, "We have a good relationship with the police, we have expert lawyers in tort and criminal law, and the student body understands that sometimes athletes need to blow off some steam after a tough loss. So by all means, if you have anger issues, drug problems, or just don't like class but you can run, jump, and catch a football, cometoMICHIGANSTATE!!!!!!!!111!!!


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"I don't get in trouble and I'm a good student, and they said that's the type of kid they like in the program."

Really?? That's not what they told me.


50% of MSU football team that have been charged or convicted


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...but then it will get better.

Douche-tonio will try to use this situation the way Izzo used the Ed Martin scandal to turn himself into a coach who is percieved to be a lot better than he really is. I would expect a downturn in recruiting until after the penalties are announced.

Luckily, though, UM won't have as many schollies to offer this year, and winning will help RR get a few more late commits. We may be scared for awhile, but I trust that the 2011 class will turn out fine. It's just having to put up with more Spartyshit that bothers me the most.