MSU gets commitment from 5-star Swanigan

Submitted by lukepanici on April 10th, 2015 at 6:43 PM
5 star center Caleb Swanigan has committed to the Spartans. This gives Izzo two McDonald's AA big men in one class. It'll be interesting to see how he and Davis can perform together.



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Maryland loses  only Wells--unless you are counting Smotrych--that isn't more than Dawson and Trice.  Everyone else is back.  Plus add Georgia Tech transfer Carter who averaged 14 ppg and almost 9 rpg.  Plus 5 star Macdonald's All-American, Diamond Stone, plus one of the top junior college players.

MSU and Maryland are the certain favorites next year.  We will be right there if we get Caris back or add Brown---and competitive even if we don't.


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Lose 3 of their top 5 players (by minutes played per game).  That includes Smotrycz.

Wells is a better player than either Dawson or Trice and will be harder for them to replace.

I forgot about Carter Jr, so that's obviously a big deal.  The JUCO kid sounds like he'll be a backup/3rd guard type. Stone is obviously a huge deal too, but he's only 1 spot ahead of Swanigan in the ESPN rankings.

Maryland's going to be really good, but young. If Caris come back, I'd lump UM and uh...UM in the group just below MSU. 

I realize the national consensus has Maryland above MSU but I think that has more to do with the big names (Stone/Tremble) than the reality of MSU bringing back a load of experienced seniors to go with the best freshman haul of talent they've had in a long time..


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Wells isn't better than Trice and Dawson combined--maybe marginally more valuable than either individually, but Wells didn't show up every game either.  Also, after the big 3, five players essentially made similar contributions and minutes--seniors Smotrych and Pack--and 2 freshman and a sophomore.  Maryland loses only Wells for practical purposes.  They should be better next year than this year.

Ricky from Sunnyvale

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This post really is bringing out the low hanging fruit of our fanbase, the reactions saying rent a player and Izzo is dirty are just dumb. If we had room we'd gladly take him for a year. How is Izzo dirty? I hate Sparty as much as the next guy but how are these proper reactions. Aren't we trying to get Jaylen Brown??? I would of thought Kentucky for sure, with all the departures.

Good for them, see you on the court.

I wonder what Chicago State fans thought their chances were? Odd school to be in the running:…


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This sucks. Maryland and MSU are head and shoulders above the rest of the conference in talent. IU is right behind them and Wisky will somehow still finish top 4. We have to break into that top 4!


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Fuck. This is for all the Michigan fans who don't understand why it doesn't benefit Michigan at all for MSU to do well in hoops. Just like OSU and football.

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I watched some of his film.  He's certainly a load and can finish with either hand; but he seems really slow and doesn't have the best footwork IMO.  He seems to have a nice jumper but of course they don't show the misses on a highlight film, eh?


April 11th, 2015 at 12:15 AM ^

Yes, it benefits UM not to have Izzo develope players for the NBA.  They can have all the Final Fours they want, just as long as they don't have players leave early for the NBA.

This is very wize thinking--it benefits us greatly.


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Why has the OP been downvoted?


This news means Jaylen Brown-to-Michigan is absolutely still in play, because it was being reported that Jaylen Brown/Caleb Swanigan/Ivan Rabb to Cal was very much in motion (to the point that some insiders were saying it was definitely happening).



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I remember watching his highlights a year ago when UM and State were both after him, and he didn't seem very impressive athletically. Fast forward a year, and I'm still not very impressed by him. He can barely dunk the ball, and he doesn't have great quickness in his post moves. He is a load at 260 lbs, but at 6'8 and a mediocre vertical, I don't see him being dominant. Someone mentioning Zach Randolph gave me a little concern because he does seem similar, but Randolph is an inch taller and has freaky long arms. I don't see Swanigan being a major impact guy next year, though I think he will be around for 3-4 years and eventually be a pain in the ass.


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of deep tournament runs in recruiting... must be nice :). let's hope we finish with brown or kenny.

don't get that people saying "oh well it's just basketball" at all

big get for MSU they are a top 5-10 team to start season and i think are deeper than maryland. 


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The guy probably bought the fake recruiting pitch that he can leave after one year.   Then Izzo will trash him repeteadly and say he isn't close to being ready.

Izzo will manipulate his playing him and development (rather lack of development) and he will end up being another highly ranked guy that washes out.

Rinse and repeat.  


Wake the fuck up people.  We never had more talent during the 2011-2014 seasons and went 6-2 versus them with 2 sweeps.

We would have won both games this year if we had Caris Levert and Derrick Walton.  


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Annoying as it is, Izzo is a great coach and there was always going to be some sort of recruiting gain for him from this final four run.  It's not like MSU was going away, Michigan's team is just going to have to raise it's game and as we've seen over the past few years that is soemthing they can do.  Besides it's more fun to beat MSU when they're good.

Judge Smails

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So judging by what I've seen online in the past hour now "recruiting" matters to Sparty.

And potential one-and-dones are OK now too, and no longer the scourge of college basketball. Got it.