MSU Football is back in muddy Title IX waters again

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Michigan State University's athletic department helped a former football player return to campus despite an order banning him after he violated the school's relationship violence and sexual misconduct policy, a newly filed lawsuit claims.

The Title IX discrimination lawsuit was filed in federal court Sunday by a woman who said she was sexually assaulted by former Michigan State football player Keith Mumphery in 2015. The woman is identified as Jane Doe in the lawsuit. Mumphery, who never was charged in criminal court, played for the Spartans in 2011-14.

"MSU’s response was to protect Mumphery and to assist (Mumphery) in securing travel arrangements," alleges the lawsuit, filed in federal court Sunday. 

The lawsuit also says the university only took proper action after the federal Office of Civil Rights forced them to reevaluate cases and after the player — Mumphery — had expired his playing eligibility at the school. 



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In what capacity?  I know a lot of UM fans don't like him because of his sideline demeanor and all of his wacky excuses, but I thought he was viewed by many to be one of CBB's good guys.  That's definitely more in reference to the pay-to-play stuff, but are there actual rumors about his conduct?


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The article Brian commented on via Twitter, about the Nasser case, was insane - thought that’s what this is referring to. MSU really is a crap institution eh? I hope some folks get shown the door in the leadership ranks.


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After a while, you'd think that they would act as an institution opposing this sort of thing.

How many beat downs, how many sexual assaults, how many morally repugnant osteopath treatments, how many gymnastic coach enablers, how many football coach enablers and how many basketball coach enablers.

It's Penn State. Hell, I think it might be worse.


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As a Temple graduate I am very comfortable with your disdain for Penn State.

That said, the pattern of enabling from Glenn Winston to Appling/Payne, to King/Corley/Vance to Nasser is incredible and sad. Note that there are several others I might have listed.

This is on Hollis, Izzo, D'antonio, gymnastics coach and an administration more than happy to look the other way.

That Nassar assualted girls with a "procedure" and Sandusky assaulted young men is equally repugnant with equal institutional responsibilities, in my view. MSU has taken on little of these.


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he is talking about Blackwell you sparty slurper. He was responding to a poster claiming MSU did nothing wrong I the corley,vance case. MSU obviously did something wrong because a coach was fired over it. Though D'Antoni shouldn't get fired he should have gotten much more heat than he did get. If it was Harbaugh's assistant you know damn well the media would be shredding him

The Krusty Kra…

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and knowing a few guys on the beat, Blackwell had worn out his welcome before this, but he got canned because as a mandatory reporter, he tried to do some cleaning up of his own with the 3 now former players before passing what happened up the food chain. He thought he was doing the right thing when really it turned him into an accesory for whatever happened that night.


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As far as I can remember, Hollis and MD did a totally shitty job of handling the issue.
Neither one took a leadership role. They hid for months, not saying anything.
Completely gave me the impression that if they could have swept it under the rug, they would have.


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without the Nasser investigation hanging over MSU at the time I'm very certain this would totally have been swept away just like the two basketball players.


Hollis and Dantonio were basically forced to take action they didn't want to take based on the scrutiny that MSU athletics was under due to Nasser.



You Only Live Twice

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Nassar's attorneys successfully kept his child porn convictions from being evidence in his child molestation cases, assuming any of these cases go to trial which is not likely.  

Do some reading and I think you'll be shocked by the numbers of girls and young women who were violated by this sicko while the institution who employed him, MSU, refused to investigate anything.  His youngest victims were easily too young to differentiate assault from medical treatment especially given the disparity of the relationship - good god there is a reason why we have laws against statutory rape.

Agreed with you on the F PSU but definitely F MSU too



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No, he’s a horrible person. He puts his program above human decency. It’s not even as simple as that sounds either. He had coaches on his staff at college bars with players picking out girls to take home and it gets worse from there. Peoples lives are ruined. He’s terrible and has to answer to no one nor is he accountable for any of this behavior. He held off on reporting it even, the guys garbage.


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We'll never know everything that goes on behind the scenes, but it sickens me that he encourages his players to be cheap-shot artists. This has been evident for years and again in the Michigan game when MSU twice got personal fouls for taking a run at O'Korn after a turnover. D'Antonio's style is to encourage dirty hits, then cover it up by going ballistic about stupid shit like Brady Hoke's tent spike.

Ty Butterfield

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I would say I am surprised Hollis still has his job but I am not. MSU constantly gets a pass from the media and no alumni seem to give a shit as long as they are winning.


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Could you imagine if this issue was at Michigan? It would be the talk of college football along with the fact that Harbaugh has a losing record against his rivals.

MSU? Fucking crickets, even from the local media. Pathetic.

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I'd like to say "you'd be surprised how many college campuses seemingly do everything in their power to create a rape culture" but you probably wouldn't. It's bad and when it comes to student athletes it's worse. Sickening displays of incompetence re: title IX is normal and when you have smart people actively working against it to protect a "star player" it gets disgusting real quick.


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It’s sad and unfortunately it’s rampant there. This is the same behavior that has been tolerated and swept under the rug with the basketball program on numerous occasions and that ultimately set up the situation with the football team and a coach. Instead of doing what should have been done the head coach was painted as a hero and now after winning 9 games everything is forgotten. Unfortunately this coach will continue to make the same mistakes that lead to sexual assaults because in the end it’s better to hide the crimes than fix the culture of it could effect an MSU team. Sickening shit.


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I won't say who to protect them from any backlash but the person is not a random academic unconnected to the AD.

I was told ESPN has been in EL interviewing people and will soon run an expose on Nassar and how the AD bungled the matter for two decades and is now ignoring FOIA requests under the guise of FERPA regulations.

The prof told me the Nassar scandal will make Ped State look like child's play and that MSU's legal/financial liability is off the charts. ESPN will delve further into matters beyond Nassar and look into the loose management of the athletic programs in general.

Expect some heads to roll pretty soon.