MSU Does not reach goal of 3-9 players selected in 2017 NFL Draft (But Toledo Did)

Submitted by boliver46 on May 1st, 2017 at 11:35 AM

A Toledo Rocket Football player friend of mine, happened to mention an anomaly with this year's NFL Draft - that quite simply made my heart grow 3 sizes the day he told me.

In case you missed it, my former team and Alma Mater - THE University of Toledo Rockets - had MORE players drafted than Michigan State.

As a former player (siren alert!!) this makes me proud A.F.

As a Michigan fan, it makes me giggle with glee.

Perhaps next year they can try to get 2-10 players drafted and yet again fall short.


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The only way you could come up with such a statistic is if you had access to the missing pages of my SUPER GUIDE?


I need those 3-9 pages back IMMEDIATELY, or I'll call my aunt to email your boss to get you FIRED.


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I mean, nobody denies the context was different, but losing Mallett and a couple of receivers certainly shouldn't have accounted for Michigan losing to 5-7 Illinois, 4-8 Purdue, 3-9 Toledo, and blowout losses to OSU, PSU, and ND.  But as I've learned around here, everyone else sucks and a good joke only gets better with constant repetition.

Perkis-Size Me

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Oh okay so we have to stoop to their level? I'd rather not. 

I'd prefer to give MSU the exact amount of attention they deserve, which is none. It's very likely Dantonio's best days at MSU are behind him. There is absolutely nothing positive stemming out of that program right now. Or the entire university for that matter. 

I know we all think we're poking funny little jabs with these 3-9 jokes coming out of the woodworks. Want to know what really pisses MSU off? Ignoring them. Giving them no attention whatsoever. Reminding them that no matter what they do, no matter how good or bad they get, beating them will never mean to Michigan what beating OSU means to Michigan. They are a very distant #2 rival, and depending on who you talk to, #3 behind Notre Dame. 

Longballs Dong…

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What is contradictory about saying ignoring MSU since they mean nothing to us hurts them more than being overly excited the moment we have a better season than them.  I know plenty of MSU fans and I believe this to be absolutely true.  The same blatantly factual insult over and over again doesn't hurt them, it allows them to point to a dillusional fan base and the recent past when they have regularly beaten us. 

I'm guessing, but it seems like the people that love the 3-9 jokes are younger (under 30) and don't remember the good old days when MSU really was nothing to us.  As part of the over 30 crowd, I'm a little saddened to see that we care about this stuff. 

It's like being excited that Michael Bolton had a bad year of record sales.  I'm not surprised - he sucks - but why bring that up?  I don't give a shit about Michael Bolton.  Michael Bolton is probaby just excited that someone remembered him as being good in relation to him sucking now.  I guess what I'm trying to say is MSU is like Michael Bolton.  They are both no talent ass clowns and I don't know why we've been talking about them so long. 




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I must be an immature over-50 year old, because I still laugh at 3-9 jokes -- and upvote them pretty frequently.

Delusional, not dillusional

Michael Bolton may get pissed when people don't buy his recordings, but I'm pretty sure he gets more pissed when people don't buy his recordings while loudly saying "Michael Bolton sucks!"  And while some MSU fans might really hate us saying nothing, I think most fans of a 3-9 football team would kind of prefer not to have that number continually mentioned.  Hey, I live in Kansas.  I know a lot of fans of a miserable football team.


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This is sadly true, but comes with a major caveat in that UM had just lost an incredible number of starters and projected starters to eligibility and transfer, as well as having a completely new staff and system that was trying to uproot the existing system.

What was sparty's excuse?


May 1st, 2017 at 2:17 PM ^

When Michigan went 3-9, everyone knew LC had emptied the cupboard and that it was gonna be a struggle.  Some even thought they would go as low as 7-5.  

Sparty was ranked #12 in the AP poll and #11 in the coaches' poll.  Michigan was ranked #26 in numerous polls and that was more as a "they can't really go any lower, can they" pick than anything having to do with the actual talent they were putting on the field.

Sorry, but you are comparing apples to orange jumpsuits here...

Longballs Dong…

May 1st, 2017 at 12:23 PM ^

I hate this joke. I think this joke is a perfect example of why people say UM fans are arrogant. We seem to be obsessed with a bad team and go way out of our way to kick a dead horse.

While I'm happy with the current team, it wasn't that long ago that UM went 3-9 and 5-7, twice.

Everyone knows MSU is a mess, no need to take it to this level everyday for months after the season. It stopped being funny months ago. I just don't get the obsession with them. we're supposed to good and they are supposed to suck - all is right with the world so let's just leave it alone.