MSU coaches deny Funchess/Ojemudia access to game.

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Apparently Funchess and Ojemudia wanted to go to the game with Burbidge and Vento on Saturday, but the Sparty coaches said they couldn't come. I'm not gonna knock them for their recruiting style, but it seems to have definitely rubbed Funchess and Ojemudia, and may have an affect on Burbidge if he comes back into play. I don't know how our staff would have reacted to the same scenario, but I can't see them denying a chance to get a couple more kids on campus.

From Funchess: "Mario [Ojemudia, also a Michigan commit] asked Jake if we could go to the game, and one of the Michigan State coaches said we weren't allowed to go with them to the game. I would just say it's disrespectful to our teammates and to us."



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Rivals/Scout need something to feed the paying customers, and there isn't a whole lot of news coming out in the foreseeable future. Since the majority of people who pay at those sites are likely the same Sparty-obsessed Neanderthals who've been posting here incessantly for the past week, it naturally makes sense for them to stir the pot with this.


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many people will ever even hear this story, but if I've learned anything during the past three years, it's that negative press is never good for a program. Perceptions of high school coaches also mean a lot. A lot of high school coaches were put off by Rich Rod. You really never know. Maybe this does have the same affect on the FHH coach.


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It doesn't win any favor but at the same time why would you give your rival program who you are playing that day a chance to let their recruits see their game at your own stadium. 


I seem to remember being ticked off Lloyd Carr and company didn't escort Mo C out of the stadium when he came in all osu gear and stayed on the osu sidelines for the game in 01! 


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This is like what middle school kids do to each other. You know, MSU is a good team this year, but man as a program they just cannot put it all together. They continually make bad decisions that hold themselves back as a program. Sparty being Sparty, I guess.


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I think the WR that got to go to the game has a qualifying problem with Michigan. If he get's his grades/ACT (or whatever it is) figured out, I'm sure he'd jump ships.


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like "you can't wear Michigan gear or go to the Michigan sideline, and if that's not ok with you, then it's best you don't come" but flat-out saying they can't come is something else.


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The only way this makes sense is that Sparty decided that Mario and Devin are more solid to M than Burbridge is to State, perhaps very decisively so.  They'd rather poison the FHH pipeline and piss off Burbridge than allow Mario and Devin a recruiting opportunity.  They fear losing Burbridge, and they might be on to something.


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and they don't want Michigan recruits on the sideline hearing the direct instruction for "unecessary roughness" to opposing players.  Ha kind of kidding on that last bit but they are duches for sure


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Even though 2 of the 3 are committed verbally to UM, it's still "open season". It's not official until February signing date.

So you never know. With the right sales pitch, a big win and Sunday stayover, you might be able to sway them over your way, right?  Maybe not. But maybe yes.

So why eliminate two potential prospects and possibly alienate a third one - especially the one that has already committed to you verbally?

Burbridge might have thought he could work hard during the visit to convince his friends about attending MSU. 

Well congratulations MSU! You deserve 4 stars and two enthusiastic thumbs up! for successfully undermining a verbal commit's street cred.



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Been watching MSU football for 40 years and I've never seen a group of coaches so single minded in their desire to build a program If you're not one of them you're against them and they don't have time for you. They don't kowtow to the blue wall Detroit media and they aren't phony Say what you will but the results tell me this program is a billion percent better than it was 5 years ago so I hope they keep it up.


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It doesn't strike me as odd that MSU wouldn't bother to host players at a game against the team those players are committed to.

This actually makes perfect sense.


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Wasn't it jusst a few weeks ago everyone was talking about how dumb Lloyd Carr was to allow Maurice Clarett to visit for the Ohio game in Ann Arbor and that he shouldn't have been shocked that Clarett went over to the sidelines?

I get that these kids were coming with a teammate, but, as gross as this makes me feel to say, I can kind of see where Dantonio is coming from.


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uhh...its not like it was for the game last week and they were going to hanging out on the Michigan sideline, I would assume they would be with Burbridge on the MSU side.  They just want to go see a primetime game w/ their teammate but Sparty took their ball and went home.  In itself I think this a none issue but FHH is a huge feeder for them and any ill will towards them and/or the kids is not a good thing.   


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I would not blame them at reason to give access to other team's recruits.  The only problem is if this turns off Burbridge to Sparty.  But otherwise, they were fully within their rights. 


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I seem to remember Burbridge coming with Funchess/Ojemudia to the BigHouse BBQ like the week after his sparty commit, and also a game later, without a problem. Then again, I guess sparty just reinforced what is said; that Burbridge would rather be UofM if his grades could improve and doesn't think he has options.


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lol, also Sevon Pittman said he probably will take an official to ohio. Just  2 weeks after he said no one else is recruiting him. I hope states recruiting class falls apart.

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state really does act like a bunch of bitches, like little children!

"You hurt my feelings, you can't come over!"

If they were smart they'd try to lure Funchess and Ojemudia away from Michigan, but then again, who wants to play for a dirtball program like state who allows thugs to play in their program anyways?