MSU Board stands by Engler

Submitted by Gr1mlock on June 22nd, 2018 at 12:52 PM

Sparty continues to prove that they are goddamn clueless and keep doubling down on being monsters.  At this point, it's almost impressive how bad they are at this.  6-2 vote to keep Engler.



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Surely someone has pictures.  Don't even want to speculate what they are of.  Engler is the worst, and clearly not a solution if they want to rid the place of the rot


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Not correct—after the 2016 election, the MSU Board was evenly divided between GOPers and Dems.

"With Kelly and Byrum's wins, MSU's board will consist of four Democrats and four Republicans beginning next year. The current board is chaired by Democrat Joel Ferguson. Mitch Lyons, a Republican, currently serves as the board's vice chair."

Not sure you can attribute the board's problems to political affiliation anyhow—Ferguson is probably the single worst board member with respect to managing the athletic dept., and he's a solid Democrat.


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I'll give you a +1 because I think you're right.

4 people in Engler's party are loyal to him.

2 people not in Engler's party have turned on him.

2 people not in Engler's party haven't turned on him because they are idiots who have supreme loyalty to MSU (they aren't even convinced MSU has done anything wrong).

True Blue Grit

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"They" is the real core of the problem here, not Engler.  I've said from the beginning the only way lasting change will happen is if the entire BOT is removed.  They are the cause of the rape culture at MSU and for the shameless attempts to sweep it under the rug.  Until they're all gone, you'll keep seeing the same old-same old from MSU.  


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Anyone know the status of outside investigations?  Clearly, they have no desire to clean anything up on their own.  But, if I recall correctly there was an AG investigation.  Is there anything by the NCAA?  I have tried to follow but there are so many layers to all of this it gets confusing quickly. 


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Not sure about the progress of AG investigation, but I agree that they have no desire to actually clean anything up.Their only concern, and the reason Engler was chosen, is to make this go away. He isn't doing a very good job, but they are going to continue backing him because he is one of them. They will all just continue to scream that the media is attacking them and treating them unfairly, and fall back on their idea that this is somehow a way for outsiders (read #BLUEWALL!) to attack  Izzo and D'Antini because they are so good. Smh

House Mother

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Sorry don’t have a link but there was an article a couple of days ago saying the AG appointed investigator accused MSU of not cooperating with the investigation. Boards and admin?  advised to copy legal on every possible communication so attorney-client privilege could be claimed. Investigator said too much stuff being claimed as privileged and asked for independent review. MSU claimed they are fully cooperating and sending thousands and thousands of documents. Investigator said many of documents totally irrelevant and just trying to obfuscate (ex. MSU sent bed-bug policy). Investigator threatened to go to judge and get a search warrant. As everyone says, Sparty gonna’ Sparty. We can all stay tuned for further shenanigans.


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Not sure. I think it would help if more students and especially Alumni got involved. As far as I can tell they support this present course and are apathetic.

I know I am interested in all candidates perspective on Engler and MSU. I am planning to use this as a way to choose who to vote for beyond just the two Trustees. I am hoping there will be a "clean house" slate. I will probably vote differently than I have in the past.

Here is a telling stat. The ReclaimMSU movement has been pushing for a fire Engler petition for a week or two. They have 50k students and 450k alumni. How many signatures do they have including all non MSU students/alumni?

a bit over 1000.

That tells me the rank and file Spartan could give a fuck about sexual assault and the egregious job Engler has done. But if they had a petition against ESPN I bet they would have had 50,000 signatures. That tells you everything you need to know about many of their students and alumni.

I feel sorry and support the ReclaimMSU group as they are trying to do the right thing with little support.


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The lack of response from alumni and students is surprisingly sad. It seems at least the faculty senate has been involved. They have pushed for the creation of a university board to give the faculty and students more say in the choice of president and an expansion of the current board to the same aim.

That followed the a no confidence vote and asking formally asking the board to step down. It is sad to see that the faculty senate has so little sway.

Our Man in Havana

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That lack of response IS depressing...I was wondering about that. We were touring the University of Tennessee last week, and talked to students about the Greg Schiano protests (because of his alleged behavior in witnessing, but not reporting, Jerry Sandusky abusing a boy in the showers). They were joined by state politicians and others too, and I got the sense that they were sick of the football program’s reputation staining their image. I know that Knoxville isn’t the epicenter of progressive thinking or morality, but there was a palpable sense of outrage and determination among the students I talked to, something that may not be as prevalent in East Lansing.


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When I saw this title, I assumed it was referring to a message board. Then when when I realized what it meant, it occurred to me that it's more or less the same level of intellect anyway.


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Engler was hired by MSU to be their torpedo and point man on this mess and that's exactly what he's doing.  Opening his big mouth doesn't help him any, but he is the lightning rod for everything related to Nassar, et. al.  Why would you think they would get rid of him?  He's the one taking most of the heat.

After today's meeting what are people talking about?  Engler, not their approval of the settlement.

Our Man in Havana

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Yeah, well put. He’s like the unpopular interim CEO/CFO that a VC or PE firm puts into a struggling business to lead austerity or other restructuring efforts. He or she is not there for the long haul, doesn’t need to please people, and has a thick skin. He’s executing an agenda and taking the heat for it, and probably has no expectations of a long-term role. I think his soul mission is to limit liability, by delay, obfuscation, or any other mechanism at his disposal...not to “do the right thing.”


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This needs a sticky.  Put it at the top.  Perfectly explains Engler and his role at the school.

No one should expect MSU to do the right thing as long as he and the majority of the board are in place.  We should all sit back and just watch them burn it down.  The fact that they're accepting absolutely anyone that applies to the school will make it more difficult to manage a larger and larger student body of which by percentage alone will result in more cases of sexual assaults (IE if on average 1% of the student body is assaulted and they have 40,000 students this past year, 400 would have been assaulted.  Once they start balooning the student body up to 60,000, even if they have the same percentage they'll have 200 more cases to deal with).  This assumes the additional 20,000 students are of the same moral character of the students that were admitted when there was at least a little filtering going on.


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Wow. That apology in many other places, the one Engler gave, would have been it.

But alas, at his alma mater, he could run naked across the football field and the Board Of Trustees would say, "Well, you know how John is...."


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It's disgusting, but that is one reason this situation is no different that what happens in the broader political sphere. They'll stand by whomever suits their interests until the costs of doing so are outweighed by the benefits.

The objective merits of whether he should stay/go don't really matter until/unless the negative balance is tipped sufficiently.

Perkis-Size Me

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They’ve all already dug themselves in deep by not putting Engler. What’s digging any deeper really going to hurt?

They’re a cancer. The only way you cure a cancer is to rip it out. Root and stem.

Our Man in Havana

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No one there is going anywhere willingly, until they get their giant payouts, like the $15M that Art Briles got from Baylor, or the $5.6M that Ken Starr got. The whole thing is eerily similar, with some donors (see Drayton McLane, for whom the stadium is named) and “fans” continuing to support the program, selling their very souls for a few wins (that they somehow choose to take credit for as supporters of the program) and local police looking the other way, 

At the height of the scandal, Baylor regents vote unanimously to reject a call for a third party to review the university's handling of the sexual assault scandal. The call was made by a group of the school's major donors.

The litany of accusations at Baylor, over the span of 2012-2016, is absolutely staggering, and yet, on they play.