MSU averages less TOP than UM

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on September 29th, 2009 at 12:02 AM

SpartyMSU notes the statistics on the season for both teams (I'm not quite sure his source, but don't doubt it). Seems that MSU averages about 2 minutes less of possession than Michigan (26:19 to 28:00 respectively).

This is mostly due to the high number of passing plays, but I thought it would interest a lot of you who are worried about TOP and the defense. This game might swing those numbers back in our favor, as meaningless as that stat can be.



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"We were Confident in June... we're Confident today..."

Talk about sad. They have to try to convince themselves they have a chance. By the time the game is over I predict there will be a new nickname for Spartan Stadium: "Tate's Playground" (Has a nice ring to, it goes well with the Little Brother theme.)


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But it's not completely irrelevant either when you consider this team's weaknesses on defense, especially their lack of depth on that side of the ball.

I think the more time this defense spends off the field, the better for Michigan. However, this issue will become less critical as the defense improves and they get more reinforcements over the next couple of years.

Brother Mouzone

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TOP in football use to be a good indicator especially when the offenses were more pedestrian.

Halftime TOP


6:20 TOP could be 5 Series 3 of three plays each which were likely 3 and out


6:20 TOP now could be 5 Series 3 quick touchdowns (in two or three plays) a 3 and out, and a 4:00 failed drive.

Same TOP - Big difference

Interesting number to look at, but it's not the indicator of productivity that it was.