MSU to announce Gholston suspension tomorrow

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Apparently Mark Dantonio will hold a press conference tomorrow and will announce the suspension of William Gholson (number of games unknown). This per my friend in the athletic department.

Confirmation of at least the press conference "addressing Gholston situation" on twitter:!/jeremysampson10



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was thinking the exact same thing. theres no way hes not at least getting a 1 game suspension so sparty thinks if they announce it the B1G will back off.  I could see wisconsin takeing sparty out back and beating them too a pulp, ie. iowa, penn st. and OSU have done in recent years. Sparty thinks there good. Beilima being the asshole that he is will beat them by 4 scores


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Honestly nothing would make me happier than if they suspended him for the Wisconsin game and you could provide definintive proof that said suspension cost them the game.  If they win, or lose in a blowout, then the suspension hasn't ultimately affected them.  It would be nice if it actually counted for something.


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That would be a terrific outcome.  The idea that a team - any team, not just Sparty - can be that dirty and win because of it burns me up.  I hope they talk shit all week and then lose because the backup to Gholston is terrible - teams that play like that deserve to lose because of it, not win.


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That MSU will only be planning for two defensive plays in the game against Bucky.
<br>A thusly justified four play (two game, then) suspension, AND public shaming in EL in front of all of his student peers will be the appropriate immolation.
<br>Have a.nice pep rally and first series off, asshole.


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will be more than one game.  State will suspend him for more than one game.  The Big Ten is thinking more about whether Gholston will play again this season.  The (typical) lack of local outrage about the play on Denard should not effect your perception of that play.  It has become taboo to seriously question Michigan State in these parts.  How it became that way, I don't know, but it has.  What you saw was accurate, William Gholston attempted to break Denard's neck. Plain and simple, regardless of whether the Michigan media wants to discuss it in the fashion.   The only thing that prevented a serious likely permanent injury to Denard on that play was his helmet coming off when it did.  The only thing that prevented an ambulance on the field was Denard's helmet coming off when it did.  The only think that prevented Gholston from never seeing a college field again was Denard's helmet coming off when it did. 

Hoke and the staff have not addressed it directly because it had nothing to do with the game outcome and they don't need to pile on for that play to result in serious consequences.  There was the Michigan State victory, a well earned victory, and then there was William Gholston acting like an animal and the two did not overlap.  I don't think State will address this like a "when can we get him back on the field" situation.  What Gholston did was more serious than Lagarette (sp) Blount against Boise State.  He is in serious trouble and State will address it as so.

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I hope you're correct that MSU takes this seriously but to blame this on Gholston growing up poor (or that's the reason he ended up at MSU) is a ridiculous statement.  There are plenty of poor college athletes that don't do this (i.e. the Pahokee crew).  He ended up at MSU because his HS coach steered him that way and is now on MSU's staff.  M and others were recruiting him.  Unless there is a strong history of him playing dirty in HS, its a fair assessment to say this is something being encouraged under MSU's coaching staff, not isolated to "one bad apple," especially in light of Rush's actions.

MSU wants Gholston to be a fall guy.

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I will bet my life that he'll be suspended.  If it is for more than one game, I'll be delighted.  However, I'll be surprised.

Is there any particular basis for your predicting that the B1G is seriously considering a multiple-game suspension for Gholston?


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when a players head is protected by a helmet and not susceptible to any serious damage (less than the offending players hand), I don't see why an attempt to seriously injure a player while he is on the ground and helpless would not warrant a much more significant suspension.  Go back and really watch the video of that play.  That is not a football play, that was not in the heat of the moment.  That was serious man.  The minute that becomes "part of the game" it has officially become a sport I have no interest in.  Is that less serious than Jacoby Harris going to the club with a booster?  That was 3 games I believe.  A play like that goes to the integrity of the game as much as anything else.  That simply cannot happen and I believe that message will be sent. 


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First-time offenders are subject to a suspension for up to 50 percent of his/her team's scheduled games.

Here's the procedure, according to the handbook:

Within three business days of its becoming aware, by the Commissioner or designee or any other source, of any unsportslike or possible unsportslike conduct involving an individual associated with it, a member university, through its Director of Athletics, is to submit a report to the Commissioner or designee on its behalf and on behalf of the involved individual containing all information they have regarding its institutional position relative to the unsportslike or possible unsportslike conduct, including the identity of each individual involved in the matter, the penalty and remedial action, if any, which the member university has assessed or taken or proposes to assess or take. The Faculty Representative shall receive a copy of this report simultaneous with its
transmission to the Big Ten office. Within three business days of receipt of the report from the member university or, in that instance where a member university has not submitted a report, within three business days of the date on which the report was to have been submitted, the Commissioner or designee is to determine whether an act of unsportslike conduct has occurred.

At that point, the Big Ten could impose penalties.


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I think you're giving Dantonio too much credit.  I feel he's going to suspend Gholston for the first drive, if they are receiving the football.  Otherwise, HE'LL BE SUSPENDED FOR AT LEAST 2 OR 3....

                                   ..... practices.


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"Zero tolerance does not mean automatic dismissal," the coach said. "To some critics, it might be seen as a low-percentage call or the wrong decision," Dantonio said. "It is neither. To me, our coaches, and our entire team -- the men in the arena -- it was the right call for the right reasons."

(via ESPN)


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I know this is harsh a punishment and a big blow to the team but sometimes you have to make a stand for what's right and that's what we are all about here at Michigan State."


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If he tries that against the Badgers, Bielema will dole out justice a-la Hammurabi.  

My favorite part of the code: Build a house and if it drops on the owner and he dies, you die.  Build a house and if it drops on the owner's son and he dies, your son dies.  My daughter tells me that this was an improvement on what used to transpire: Build a house and if it drops, you die, your family dies, your crops die, your cattle die, ...


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You all have it wrong. He announces that he doesn't know what the fuss is about because he already suspended him from practice yesterday. See, I told you he has zero tolerance and was fast to act on this. They don't stand for that stuff at State!

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Dantonio will restate his position that it was a clean, hard hitting game and Tom Gholson is a victim of circumstance.  Dantonio will reiterate there is nothing wrong with his players "borrowing" other peoples belongings.  He will state his program does not teach is young victims of circumstance to practice unnecessary roughness.  Sparty green kool-aid tastes great!


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You guys have it all wrong. He's being criminally charged, this is out of his hands. He pleaded guilty and got a 4 day prison sentence. Don't worry, though, he'll be ready to go on saturday.