MSNBC Article on Michigan NCAA Violations

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I really hate Celizic. I have always hated his writing as i think he is a prick. This article just cemented my feeling towards him. it is painfully obvious that he did not even bother to read the
response to the allegations. He just assumes all of the violations were major, which they are per the NCAA definition, but in reality they are not major. As usual, he is just another Rich Rod hater. He apparently has no need for investigative journalism or even the need to be unbiased, as he does not try to hide his disdain for Rich Rod.

I say good day sir.....I say good day.



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*Puts on shocked face*

This guy is supposedly married to a UM alum and couldn't even bother to read through the facts of the release before putting together a column to blast Rich Rod?  Sounds to me like someone had an agenda before "investigating" the story.


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It remains to be seen if the NCAA will add more penalties. Although I think Michigan’s remedies are reasonable, I think the school should be made to suffer further humiliations simply because of the way Brandon and Rodriguez have gone about not accepting responsibility.

Um, how in the HELL is this Brandon's fault?  I don't think it's RR's either (I believe it's an administrative failing) but still, Brandon wasn't even AD yet.  Really?  Do your home work.


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The problem is alumni and fans across the country will stumble across this retarded article, believing this schmuck.  He has zero credibility but yet will add fuel to the fire and perpetuate this false idea that RR is the devil and Michigan is screwed.  ARGH!  is it September yet?


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Willy....   Give M alumni and fans as a whole, a little more credit... you should have said that "a small minority" of them across the country will believe this schmuck, and it is that small group that I am trying to get to stop drinking the infidel Kool Aid.


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Fair enough.  I think we all need to make sure to add comments on the online page of the articles with either literature that refutes the claims (e.g. Brian's Article, or that article on Rivals.)

I'm just exhausted of this nonstop attack on Michigan football.  It's beyond old and annoying. 


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These kind of "journalists" are the reason MGoBlog and other sports blogs are popular. Today's reporters suck at their jobs.


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What a freaking loser.

Kills me that a lof of people are going to read that trash.  Fact of the matter is both Rodriguez and Brandon have too much class to rip the real culprits in this story (freep) so dunces like this are freed to write these articles.

These guys all just want Michigan to fail and that isn't going to be happening anymore.  Get here September.


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Think this tool is going to metaphorically poop in his pants when the verdicts against USC and OU are finally handed down?


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It is quite revealing of those West Virginians to call Rodriguez a weasel's weasel, yet they cannot seem to live without him, much like a divorcee still madly in love with their ex-spouse who left. Rodriguez made that program quite relevant, and you'd think they'd be quite thankful for that.


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The people obviously write these articles without even reading the report the school put out. Is it ok for someone to say "this isnt my fault", even if it isnt their fault. In Celezics eyes, obviously not.

What if you did follow all the rules and someone forgot or refused to turn in papers, should you just say, yes I practiced my team to the bone, im a cheat, sorry? I just dont know what to say anymore.


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Excuses are for sissies. They’re for guys who use pink golf tees and drink wine coolers; for guys with beards who read books, speak in complete sentences and still have “Kerry 2000” stickers on the bumpers of their Priuses. it a bad thing to speak in complete sentences now? Or to read books?


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Just realize that way way way way MOAR people hate our school and teams than not.

It's why we have a dozen allegedly primary rivals.

let them pile on. dont pay attention. ignore them

enjoy your summer. we have a racous and rocking fall ahead and we need your energies then.


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We all knew that these articles were inevitable, regardless of what the findings were.  Hopefully, there will be some other big college sports story so that these they will die down in the next week or so.  Unfortunately, all throughout the first game or so, you can count on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 to make more references to this than they did to DRob's shoelaces last season. 

As with all of the other BS, winning would cure all.  If we start out 4-0, this will likely go away.  If we lose the opener or, worse, start out 0-2, we will not hear the end of this for much of the season.  Is it 2011, yet?


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If you bothered to click on the article, make sure to rate it a 0.5.  As of now there are only 6 ratings, so if anything we can bomb the article with poor ratings.

Yeah. That'll show 'em.


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who know less.

Hopefully at some point this guy is actually appraised of the reality of what the investigation and evidence shows and what the responses actually say and he is supremely embarassed as a 'journalist' that his less-than-informed opinions are out in public view.  He has a Master's Degree in Free Press Research & Analysis Technique, so it is shocking he is so out of touch.

I would love to get his reponse to whether or not M should have retained the 'body' they threw overboard as a sacrifice after learning that this was the one person that lied during the investigative process. Surely that will bolster their image.

Everything else he says is just as off-base.  


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Yes, let's take one poorly written article by an uninformed mouth breather and use it to pass judgment on an entire network.....