Mr Meyer, may I introduce you to your new starting QB?

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I know I'll get hammered for another osu story, but this one seemed too good not to share.  I found this article published, coincidentally, three days ago.  Seems Urbz has a problem remembering names, or possibly if you aren't the starter (insert: Circle of Trust), then he really doesn't bother memorizing your name.   "To see J.T. Barnett move slight ahead of Cardale (Jones) in the quarterback derby is because of his opportunities."   Uh, yeah...Urban Meyer, I'd like to introduce you to JT Barrett, your new QB for 2014.  I half expect Urban to slip in his next press conference, "As most of you know, Tim got...errr, I mean Braxton got injured the other day and we'll be starting this Barnett kid at QB."   Link:


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Brady Hoke is also 2-2 vs. Miami (NTM), 0-1 vs. Rutgers, and 0-2 vs. Utah. FWIW. 

Hey! Michigan also has the most All Time Wins! I'd still rather have a BIG title within the last 5-7 years but we don't. Yes, Urban is 2-1 vs. Michigan. However he is 2-0 this decade. 

Michigan needs to focus on recent success/the present instead of use the past as a crutch.

Danny Bonaduce

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I wasn't trying to be a dick and I definitely agree with your last sentence.  OSU and MSU have dominated UM the last few years and there is no way to argue that.  I just think it is kind of silly to take records of previous coaches into account.  If we are going to count the Tressel era then why not Cooper?  In the last 10 years Michigan is 5-5 vs. MSU, but they are 1-5 in the last 6 years.  Stats can be misleading and you can often find a stat to support an opinion.  My opinion is to look at what the current coach has done against x school.  Dantonio is 5-2 vs. UM, Meyer is 2-1.  Hoke is 1-2 against both MSU and OSU.

814 East U

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Great post. I agree 100%. I think it is just frustration when you see the number vs. OSU. I know we dominated the 90s. However, a lot of posters here were children and didn't quite understand the rivalry, the history, or even football to an extent. 

I know the series has runs and streaks. It just sucks that we are on the losing side of a streak during years when I was/am a student/recent grad. Michigan meant so much more while I was in school than before/after I attended. Being a graduate is still not the same as a student.


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Actually, there is reason to argue that Ohio has not dominated UM in recent years.  As noted above, their average margin of victory in the last 3 years is ZERO!

In the last four years, they have recorded only two wins (let's not forget that they paid for their cheating by forfeiting an entire year of wins--also that most players Meyer used get his measly two wins were recruited by a coach who admitted lying and cheating to the NCAA).


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First, the stat which is most predictive of future wins or losses in computer systems involves the point spread, not just Wins or Losses.

Also, last year, a one point Ohio win in regulation occurred because UM did not kick the extra point to go into OT (because we lacked our FG kicker and our QB had a broken foot).  I am not sure how much closer you can get than that.   As I recall, the 5pt UM loss in Cbus could have gone either way; and the 6pt UM win at the Cap one bowl was not as close as the score would indicate.  So, I think my point is still valid.  In no way can you say that Meyer has dominated UM.  His average margin of victory is ZERO.


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Apparently, you now agree with me about point spread being valid but want to change the subject.

OK, let's change the subject to performance in the last decade or so under Ohio and UM's third-to-last coaches (conveniently igmoring the decade before than).  But you want to start counting Tressel's record, then you have a point numerically---but not ethically.  We all know how Tressel got those he locked down the many of his star recruits admitted taking money, no show jobs, academic improprieties etc.   If the NCAA were doing its job and actually talked to Clarret in 2002--and who now publicly admits he was getting paid more at Ohio than he gets paid in the pros---then that entire decade should have been vacated by Ohio.

Personally, I don't feel any burning desire to pat them on the back for it.


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You know, we gave our kids reasonably unique names so that mixing them up would not really be an issue and we still do that all the same. Even last night, in one embarrassing slip, my daughter was in fact my son for two sentences before I relaized what I was doing. The only thing that salvages this strategy is that they are indeed the only kid with their respective first names in their elementary school.


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but I was told by a co-worker who is an osu fan who heard that Meyer did it again in another interview yesterday, said he got a good laugh out of it.  That was the motivation to find the article in the first place.  So, corroborated by another source, but I'm trying to find printed evidence of it now.