Mott Spring Game by PNC Bank Donation Incentives

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April 3, 2012



ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The 2012 Mott Spring Game presented by PNC Bank featuring the University of Michigan football team and its alumni is two weeks away and the program hopes to exceed the estimated crowd of 50,000 fans that watched last year's final practice at Michigan Stadium. The spring game is free to the public, but the football team and C.S. Mott Children's Hospital have teamed up for a fund raiser for the new hospital.

The gates to Michigan Stadium will open at 9 a.m. The fourth annual alumni flag football game begins with introductions at 10 a.m. The 133rd team in school history will take the field for warm-ups at approximately 11:20 am. The final spring practice will start at noon and will be broadcast live on the Big Ten Network.

All donations from Saturday's spring game will benefit kids at the new Mott Children's Hospital. The Beam Family of Brighton, Mich., has graciously offered to match dollar-for-dollar every donation that is made at the gates during Saturday's activities.

Fans can make a donation of choice to C.S. Mott Children's Hospital upon entering the gates of Michigan Stadium. Donations are accepted at any level, but fans will receive giveaways for donating at the following levels:

$5 -- magnet replica of the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Spring Game patch worn by U-M players
$10 -- 'This is Michigan' rally towel AND spring game magnet
$15 -- 'I Wore 21' book about Desmond Howard
$20 -- 'Hail to the Little Victors' baseball cap
$250 -- four (4) passes to a preseason football practice (final date to be determined)
$500 -- Brady Hoke autographed Michigan Football Helmet (limited quantity) AND four (4) passes to the preseason football practice

Little disappointed that there isn't any mini fatheads like last year. They could have done ones of Brian Griese or Tom Brady.

The corporate title of this game annoys me though.




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i blew all my charitable donation money on HTTV this year.

correct me if i am wrong, but last year couldn't you get field passes for pre-game Nebraska for a $750 donation? hopefully they bring that back next year as the home slate is much more enticing - sorry sparty, don't want to hang out with you and "the situation"


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Last Year I gave $20 for a small Block M Fathead. The fathead was the wrong color and the Block M with Michigan stikethrough. I pitched it.

Definitly worth donating towards Motts though.



Maize n Cubbie Blue

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Anybody have any insight on the alumni flag football game? Is it fun to watch? I saw that Desmond Howard and Lamarr Woodley coached a couple years ago so it seems kind of interesting to me.


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I have been there the last two years. It is pretty cool to see the old players out there running around. While some of them are able to run and makes plays, others are just there for the fun of it. I recommend it because it is interesting, but the actual spring game is what makes the experience more enjoyable. Plus, it helps to eat away some of that non-football season blues.


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I was planning on donating $300 to Mott soon.  Too bad I'm not going to be able to go to the spring game, or I'd up it to $500 and get the helmet and practice passes :(


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If it was Brian or someone who I knew I could trust, I would PayPal them the money (plus cost for shipping the helmet) and let them keep the passes (although I'd probably have a condition that if I can actually make it to AA for the practice, I get one of the passes back).

(Hint, Brian, if you want to take me up on this, shoot me an email)


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If I pay the 500, anyone wanna chip in a little and go to a practice with me? I want to go but it'd be cool to go with some others who know more about what to look for than I do.