Motion to ban Bruce Pearl from commentating games

Submitted by trueblueintexas on December 1st, 2012 at 7:38 PM
Did anyone else get sick of hearing Bruce Pearl argue for almost every call to be against Michigan down the stretch in the second half? Not sure if he thought he was providing insight or he still automatically argues with the refs, but he was consistently arguing against most of the calls that went Michigan's way. I didn't notice him doing it the other night during a game. Maybe that 30 point stomping in the tourney a few years back still stings.



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I agree with the OP, though I probably would have stated it with less melodrama.  It did seem like every time Michigan made a good play, Pearl called it a "foul," while every time Bradley got called for a foul, Pearl said it was a "bad call."

There really isn't any reason for him to cheer for either team, and he is usually a good analyst, so I was somewhat perplexed and mildly irritated.  Maybe Pearl is trying to develop a conscience, has overcompensated, and now roots for the underdog.


December 2nd, 2012 at 12:12 AM ^

I just find it funny that he is still suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress) from all of the back door cuts Michigan torched Tennessee with in his last game as a head coach.  He kept bringing it up over and over, "look for Michigan to run some back door cuts right here..."


December 2nd, 2012 at 1:46 AM ^

I think he was just pulling for the underdog - a natural inclination for any analyst hoping to maintain interest in the game they are calling.  I take it as one more sign we have arrived as a consistent favorite.

Didn't bother me.


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Because 9 times out of 10 a former coach or player knows more about the sport, which is why he is a color commentator to bring insight into the game that people who never played the game can't do. He is a little "young" when it comes to announcing games but when he gets more practice at it he will get better like with anything people do.


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In the span of about 3 minutes in the game time he complained about the following calls:

- Charge taken by Hardaway should have been a block.
- Flying manbeast foul on Burke mid-jumpshot should have not been called, "let em play".
- Egregiously early spin move on a free throw was a "ticky-tack" lane violation against BU.
- Fast break de-pantsing move on Hardaway on his way to a slam was a "play for the ball".

I get it, it's an underdog, and it's fun for a neutral observer to have a close game, and you could maybe complain about one of these things on its own, but he sounded like I would expect a Bradley alum to sound calling the game.

(edit: to be fair that Bradley guy with the 20 second freethrow release, I'm surprised the BU players aren't _constantly_ getting lane violations)


December 3rd, 2012 at 8:55 AM ^

People are just being homers. I hadn't seen the game before this thread so I watched it with some of this in mind, and there really weren't that many things he seemed to be biased about. First, I don't think that should have been a charge. The second call I agree but the guy did block the shot also and even the announcers made it sound like it was a harder collision than it really was, hardly a "manbeast" foul. Also, he said something like maybe it shouldn't have been a foul; he wasn't very decisive about it. Third, I agree with you, but he didn't call it ticky-tack; the other guy asked him if it was and all he said was "I don't know, it's an eh? call", which is actually a worse explanation lol. Fourth, that guy just made a totally routine end-of-game desperation foul, and I agree completely with Pearl there. Plus, he was just saying it shouldn't have been called as an intentional. So, that's just 4 calls you think he was being biased about, 2 of which I don't agree with.

Franch Dressing

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I'm just happy that I am able to watch over 20-25 games here in Colorado! It's awesome that I can now watch more games than I could when I actually lived in Michigan.


I'm not mad at commentary, but mad that we played like dog shitte. That THJR slept walk through the game. That Morgan had the quietest double-double ever. That Burke can't pass with under 7 second on the shot clock.


Fire Up Blue

December 1st, 2012 at 8:23 PM ^

I actually like Bruce Pearl as a commentator. Biases aside, he's entertaining and provides some interesting insight. Much better as a commentator than a coach. I'd take him over basically anyone on the BTN.


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This could be turned into a positive.

Who is the worst announcer of all time?

I will go with Chris Spielman.

Followed by Pam Ward at a close second.


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He was good the first time he broadcast earlier this season but ya he was a little off today. Also motion to have Gus Johnson broadcast every game in ever sport from here on out.


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Burke gets smashed on a shot: "I'd like to see them let that go"

We cleanly knock the ball out of their hands for a steal: "a lot of contact on that one"



Yea, my head was spinning a bit on the way he observed that sequence of plays. lol


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TC doesn't know about Commentating 101:

Always pump up and over-sell the underdog to keep the casual fans with minimal rooting interest paying attention.

Bradley was a huge underdog so of course they'd argue things their way. Now if a game isn't so lop-sided on paper then commentators can balance who to praise.

Mr. Yost

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Down with ALL complaining about announcers threads PLEASE. 9 times out of 10 people have no idea what they are talking about and don't know the sport and can't take off their maize and blue glasses.


Pearl's wanna-be Billy Packer impression all game was why he should be banned from TV...not because he was arguing for/against calls late in the game. Most of them were legit, Michigan played soft all game while Beilein tried to keep it close and get certain players a bunch of PT. It was an ugly/odd game and let's be glad we won and move on.