Mothers of Mitch, GRIII & Spike reflect on sons, Final 4 Run, sing 7.2% of "The Victors"

Submitted by StateStreetApostle on April 3rd, 2013 at 11:51 PM

I tried to think of all kinds of clever things to say about this video, but sometimes words just ain't enough (call it "undescribable").   

Stop the interwebs: Valerie McGary, Shantelle Clay-Irving, and Tammy Albrecht reflect together on their sons' latest accomplishments, although...they still have to learn the majority of "the finest college march (March?) ever written"--so, GRIII, don't go pro 'til your mom learns the rest of The Victors.  (Which I hope is like never.)

(i'm not going to admit how long it took me to still NOT embed correctly. was at least one episode of Mad Men.)



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I don't even want to admit how many other episodes of Mad Men it took me to try to test embedding as a comment when I failed in the OP, but the total may or may not have been equal to the number of META posts I looked up, read, and tried to follow on this board re: embedding.

Swayze Howell Sheen

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awesome video. would love to see more of these Michigan Moms (or Dads) type things because it makes the whole thing so much more real and personal.

that said, HOW CAN U NOT KNOW VICTORZ???!!! 




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I know, right?  If their sons had been recruited by, say, Brian Ellerbe, then of course they wouldn't know the song.  But this team has earned a lot of repeat plays.

Pity iTunes doesn't follow you through life and keep track of your personal "play count" for things like this. :)


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....and in a sense, it fits very well with the related story - (HERE).

The news story is a nice read. These moms are indeed all in for Michigan, but more importantly, all in for their sons. It also goes into some of their shared history going back to their time in the SYF AAU program and the relationships between the families was established well before Spike, Glenn and Mitch found themselves playing together at Michigan.

Feat of Clay

April 4th, 2013 at 11:20 AM ^

As a mother I loved this.  The emphasis on the practical "I gotta change the plane ticket" and the honest "Big sweaty was stinky"  really resonated.  Ha ha ha.  

I knew that was Spike's mom the minute I saw her--he has her face!  BTW there was a really nice profile on Spike in one of the papers today.