(mostly) OT: Ole Miss to Receive NCAA Ruling Tomorrow

Submitted by DrMantisToboggan on November 30th, 2017 at 12:30 PM

From ESPN. Even though I do not believe that we would pursue Patterson either way, we will find out tomorrow whether Ole Miss players will be able to transfer without sitting out a season.


I'll add this, if Ole Miss does receive a two-year bowl ban that allows players with 2 years or less of eligibility to transfer freely, the player I would want us to pursue is former mega-recruit and LT Greg Little.





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What is interesting about Little is that the other two schools that were major contenders, Texas A&M and Alabama, aren't great destinations for him. TAMU obviously does not currently have a coach and Alabama has solidly established Tackles. I think I remember him being close with Gary? or another member of our class to the point where some thought Michigan would get involved.


I know that it's a long shot, and it's probably moot because I doubt the NCAA hammers Ole Miss, but I'd like to see us put the full court press if he's able to play next year at another school. He's going pro after next season anyways, might as well come play for some great OL coaches at a highly visible school with some excellent skill players to make you look good.


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I know that I am viewing everything through a homer's glasses, but we return 94% of receiving yards and 84% of rushing yards, and either 3 or 4 starting offensive linemen (counting both Ruiz and Onwenu because they both started at least 1/4 of games, Bredeson, and JBB if he holds on to RT). It would be shocking if this offense struggled again next year.

Mr Miggle

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Any strong sanctions would have been tied up in court for years. Ole Miss is a textbook case of NCAA violations. I expect them to come down hard on Hugh Freeze, less sure about the school. I wonder if the unfolding CBB scandal will have any effect on this case. It might be a good time for them to look tough on cheaters.


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As a slight tangent....UNC isn't completely out of the woods yet.  Seems the accreditor isn't too happy that UNC told the NCAA even though the fake classes were not really up to standard, the classes did indeed count as credits toward graduation and that made it totally an academic issue.  Which is literally the exact opposite of what they told the accreditor, i.e., those classes had nothing to do with graduation credits and they were just a way to keep a bunch of athletes qualified.

Nothing will really happen in the end, since the accreditor has no options between angry finger-wagging and the nuclear button.  But some UNC officials are at least going to be answering some uncomfortable questions for a little while longer, anyway.

Tangent to the tangent: what they told the accreditor is basically a matter of public record, so it speaks volumes about the NCAA's willingness and/or ability to actually investigate any damn thing at all.


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Anything less than death, and the NCAA will again have proven themselves to be toothless.  I mean, if you can't nail UNC for not actually requiring classes, just what the hell can you do?

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They could have gotten more but really, sanctions themselves rarely have a long-term impact on a program.  It's the coaching change that really does it.  A school fires its coach to appease the NCAA and then can't find a comparable replacement.  USC is a prime example, as well as (unfortunately) Michigan basketball post-Fisher.

If OSU had hired Fickell as its permanent coach, we'd probably be thinking the sanctions did their job.  It seems like an injustice to us because they had Meyer fall into their lap.



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At this point, I'm thinking Ole Miss is an easier target vs. UNC or OSU. No one is going to bat an eye if Ole Miss football is half-nuked. Their own fans care more about the tailgating than the team. If the NCAA doesn't have the balls to hammer Ole Miss, then I really do believe no other P5 school ever will


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Regarding the rumors about Patterson, I've not watched a single Ole Miss game this season so I don't know much about him. Hypothetically speaking, if he were eligible to play here right away, how does he stack up against our young QB's? Would he be seen as a favorite to win the job? Or is his ceiling not as high as Peters / McCaffrey ?


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He's more fleet of foot but he takes more risks (throws more picks). I made this comparison to another poster: Shea Patterson is Johnny Manziel while Brandon Peters is Andrew Luck. I don't think the difference between Patterson and Peters would win us any games next year, while I do think that Greg Little at LT would win us a game or so.


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I doubt much will come of it.  They'll get scholarship reductions, maybe a year or two more bowl ban, a big-ish fine.  But that's it.  I have no faith that the NCAA will nuke a program in the SEC for something I'm sure every other SEC school does.


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Will players who received impermissible benefits be named and/or punished as well? It would suck to poach a guy who is of bad moral character.


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He'll end up at Alabama or Auburn or LSU or some other southern school that doesn't even make a pretense of being a top-flight academic institution.


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lol he's only going to be in college for one more year, he doesn't need to come into Michigan with a chance to graduate next year, he just needs to be accepted to the school. I'm sure that Michigan would accept a transfer student from an accredited institution who is also a top-flight athlete at the largest revenue sport, so long as he was solidly eligible at Ole Miss. He may stay in the SEC but it won't be Bama. Their OT depth is strong and this dude is a 1st round pick next year, he'll go somewhere with a LT spot he can walk into.


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Going to post this here as I found it potentially lines up with a position UMBig11 said the staff was looking at transfers at: Ole Miss S Deontay Anderson was granted a full release to transfer by Ole Miss earlier this week. Anderson was a Top 100 safety with offers from everyone who's anyone. He finished his freshman year with 32 tacklets, 1.5 TFLs, and 1 INT. He voluntarily redshirted himself in 2017 in hopes that he could transfer and play in 2018.




Edit: and here's his recruiting profile. He was close to 5 star territory. https://247sports.com/Player/Deontay-Anderson-23450/high-school-37407