(Mostly) OT: Michelle Chamuel of UM can win The Voice tonight (with votes)

Submitted by M-Wolverine on June 17th, 2013 at 10:36 PM

Not my normal thing, but I want U-M people to bring as much acclaim back to the University as possible, and tonight, Michelle Chamuel who went to U-M and played in Ann Arbor bands My Dear Disco/Ella Riot is in the final tonight and can win with the most votes. I wouldn't bother posting as she advanced, but since she got there on her own, we'll get more pub for this than a B1G best helmet poll.

Some background and classmate commentary-


And U-M covering it-


Neg this thread if you want. I won't blame anyone. But if there's anyone up late drinking tonight, bored, and likes to see Michigan win in everything from football to ice dancing, then this is for U-M to stuff te ballots again. You can vote ten times for each method. Till 10am tomorrow.

Call- 855-864-2302

Text 2 to 8642 (though that hasn't been always working)

Or online at http://www.nbc.com/the-voice/vote/?__source=voice-hero-slider

http://www.nbc.com/the-voice/ (email address but they've never sent as spam I've seen. Not sure the email even has to be valid).

You can also buy on iTunes, but I'm not really thinking that's this crowd. (Though look up on YouTube her actual band music; it's pretty cool).



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From the AA.com article linked above:


Theo Katzman, who was in the earliest incarnation of My Dear Disco, before it went from a seven-piece to a five-piece band, agreed. “The secret to Michelle's success is that she has the rare ability to be emotionally completely honest, and she can channel that emotion and honesty through her voice,” he said. “She's a deeply moving performer, but unlike most performers, she's not putting on an act. What the audience is seeing is 100 percent real Michelle, and I think people are incredibly moved by the palpable sense of humanity and honesty that they experience when they watch her sing. Also, she's a monster vocalist with a unique sound, and that's rare in itself. “I have no idea what the future holds for her, particularly if she wins ‘The Voice,’ but if she doesn't, I imagine that several people in the industry will try to snatch her up with a label contract of some kind,” he added. “Either way, I've always known Michelle to be someone who follows her dreams, no matter what, and I'm sure she'll be fine. She's one of the greatest humans I know.”


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Thanks for posting, I'm not usually one to get into/care about this kind of stuff at all. However, as they say...

Wherever you go, Go Blue.


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My mother was a singer. She could not be anything more than a travelling bar singer because of her looks. Ms. Chamuel meanwhile will probablyn fare well because she--besides her talent--possess the look. Ms. Chamuel is an attractive young lady and for right or wrong, that will benefit her.


If you think that only women are hurt/benefit from this see the career of Channing Tatum. The dude is absolutely talent-less in all respects, yet somehow he keeps getting roles. Henry Cavil got the role of Superman because of how he looks. So too do many actors. Appearances matter in human society whether we like to admit it or not.


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With my background in sociobiology, I can say that there isn't a whole lot to back up your claim. Both genders are "programmed" to discriminate based on physical characteristics. Naturally, we look for different things, but the general idea is characteristics that indicate good reproductive fitness (youthful appearance, physical stamina, etc.) are selected for more frequently than characteristics that indicate the contrary. Perhaps circular, but that's why it works.


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for posting this. I have been wanting to but held off. .. even though as a female I thought I might be a bit more forgiven for posting about a singing show!
I heard about Michelle a few weeks ago and that's when I started watching too... and I'm actually liking Michele independent of her association with M.
Vote for her. She isreally representing!!
Go Blue!


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IME, My Dear Disco started getting big during the '07-'08 year after they opened for Groove at the Michigan Theater. It's nice to see Michelle get this much attention since she was such a recognizeable part of MDD  and there wasn't a whole lot else going on (natively) in the Ann Arbor music scene between whenTally Hall and Mason Proper kind of tailed off and Ann Arbor emo breaking onto the national scene.


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She is excellent - I had already been following her so it's great to hear she's an alum.


She'll need all the help she can get going up against two country acts.


(Insert disparaging comment about country music fans/the south/ESS EEE SEE)

Bando Calrissian

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I got to see My Dear Disco a bunch when they were ripping up the local scene in 07-09 and Michelle was simply in a league of her own even then. It's not surprising to me to see her get this kind if attention. She's amazing.

oriental andrew

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That's cool, I had no idea she was a UM alumna.  I've been a fan of hers since the beginning of the show.  She has a nerd-cool style which I think is really in right now, and her fantastic singing voice goes without saying.  I definitely think she's better than the brother duo.  It's the country girl she needs to worry about.  Cute, very strong voice, broad appeal.  


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Tyler Duncan, her former classmate at UM, her current bandmate and who is also quoted in the article, is my little brother.  

I know, cool story bro.


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is a big fan of hers and was bemoaning having no one to share her fanship.  So I watched and agreed that Michelle is terrific.  (Being theater folk, we always go for the quirkier contestants, as long as they're talented as well as quirky.)  I'm sure my friend, herself a Michigan woman (though we didn't meet there), has no idea that her favorite is too.  She'll be thrilled.