Most yards in Michigan history!

Submitted by Real Tackles Wear 77 on October 17th, 2009 at 3:05 PM

With a grand total of approximately 721 yards, we have broken the program record for most yards in a single game. Woohoo?



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That penalty didn't cost them the game. Terrelle Pryor cost them the game. He is still not a QB rather an athlete playing QB. It kind of reminds me of a high school team who doesn't have a real Quarterback so they just put their best player there. Kind of like Jeremy Gallon.


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I am thinking that the freep will somehow make this negative on RR and the program. Maybe we should have downed it or fumbled on purpose more?????

Ninja Football

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A few years from now we'll be doing this to Indiana, NW, Purdue, etc. The Machine will only be slowed by equal talent, and then only marginally. It's coming people. It. Is. Coming.

Blue boy johnson

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This game was similar to many games when it was the Big 2 and the Little 8. Bo and Woody would beat up on everyone all year averaging about 38 a game then play a close to the vest low scoring game to end the season.


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We gained 34 (!) first downs, which is all the more remarkable given how many big plays we had and how quickly we cleared our bench.

We faced only five third downs all game (converting three of them). DSU, meanwhile went 1-15 on third downs. Yikes.

We averaged 14.8 yards per pass attempt (even with Sheridan attemping half of our passes). DSU averaged 4.4, and even that paltry figure was inflated by that one drive in the fourth quarter.

Nick Sheridan completed 78% of his pass attempts (7-9).

DSU did, however, win the time-of-possession battle, 30:10 to 29:50. Woo TOP!


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I hope Rod doesn't tell the media that this was a yardage record. Some of the old games didn't keep track of yards gained in a game and it would be fair game for Rosenberg to point it out as a lie on the front page.

Enjoy Life

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1991 Mississippi: 715 total yards
1969 Iowa: 673 total yards

Most First Downs: 37 -- Northwestern 1978, 35 -- Mississippi 1991

Most Net Yards Rushing: 573 - NW 1978, 531 Stanford 1976


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Is this really something to be proud of? Seems like we might as well have played Pioneer across the street, they shouldn't have been on our schedule. Regardless, it was nice to see the entire team have a chance to play.