Most unusual place you ran into a Michigan fan

Submitted by WindyCityBlue on April 23rd, 2011 at 8:44 PM

I was in small fishing village in Nicargua and was wearing a Michigan hat.  I got a loud "Go Blue" from a man who was apparently Costa Rican.

I also got a "Go Blue" in Ireland, which I thought was interesting since I assume they are big ND fans.

Anyone else?



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for business a few years back.  I went to the Warsaw Ghetto for some  history and saw a guy with an M hat.  We chatted and then went to the bar to have one.


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so i was in this band and we sold these shirts that said "Michigan Rockstar" on the front like all the shirts that you can buy with your department etc.   well apparently someone was wearing one of these in south africa and somebody actually knew what it was.  kind of a big moment for my band although it was basically a testament for michigan.  


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I was walking through a shanty town in Jamaica, and there was a guy with a "Michigan National Championship" sweatshirt on while balancing a basket of fruit on his head.

I'm not 100% sure he was actually a fan, though.


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but yes, they are there.  I'm usually in SEL (science & engineering library).  It's fairly easy to find a computer if you're sneaky, far easier than at, say, the Fishbowl IMO, because there are multiple lab areas on multiple floors and stuff.  It's very noisy in the work areas, though.  On the first floor, the coffee grinder in the coffee shop is constantly going which is hard to tune out if you sit on the same side of the floor.  The third floor is being remodeled and there's a huge wall dividing off one half of all the table area, and workmen with power equipment are doing work on the other side of the wall, and at least a third of all the students are having conversations.  while they work.  On the plus side, the Digital Union on the 3rd floor is not too bad, since it has its own area with doors and it's quieter, but you still have to sign-in to use a computer or work area.

The 4th floor is my favorite by far, because that's where they keep the huge leather-bound engineering standards and constants books, star catalogs, physics treatises, and a whole host of other things I've only started to explore.  It's higher up so it's a better view out the window, and the tables are silent.


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Use to go there all the time my first year of med school when I was living off of 12th. Open 24 hours, which was great for the terrible schedule I developed in a curriculum that's basically self-study. You always know when finals are going to pop up, cause its the only time that a) the library is filled to the brim and b) the there are more than four white kids there at the same time. Haven't even entered the Fishbowl since they were remodeling it when I first got on campus, and I never go to Prior cause you just run into classmates who want to chat all day.


I've seen one or two UM fans in the library, but after my car got keyed first year for having a UM insignia I have stopped wearing any UM swag anywhere near campus


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During my tour of the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston, I was wearing a Tom Brady Michigan jersey, he was a student there on spring break. Probably not that uncommon in Boston, but still was nice to see.


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I was visiting family in Syria three summers ago and our plane initially landed in Lebanon. It turned out that an entire middle eastern family that lived in Michigan were in the airport and were coming back to the states. It was a pleasant surpirse.

The father was a business graduate from Ross.


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We were all introducing ourselves within our small section. I was slightly nervous and expecting everyone to be from Texas since I'm at UT-Austin and everyone I had met so far was from Dallas or Houston.

The girl next to me was the first to introduce herself, and after clearing her throat said that she had graduated the University of Michigan. Not only that, but she had graduated my year!

We're now very good friends, and it turns out we shared numerous mutual friends back in undergrad despite never meeting. Whenever Michigan wins a game, we exchange a fist-bump on the following Monday morning.

Best icebreaker ever.


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Same thing happened to me when I moved to Austin for my MBA at UT.  After moving all my crap out of the truck I went to walk to a burrito place around the corner and a guy working at a coffee shop on the way came out of the store and yelled "Go blue!"  Talked to him for a little while and found out he was a Michigan grad.  Then got to the burrito place and the guy making my burrito was from SE Michigan.

Once I actually got to my class and did intros, I found out there were about 12 Michigan grads in my year.  There seem to be quite a few of us down here.


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It does seem that way!

Do you by chance catch M games at Plucker's during the year? There's no active "M" Alumni Club in Austin so I don't really know how to connect with other M grads, though I've heard the best way to do it is to find a Michigan bar during a football Saturday.


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I haven't gone for a football game - there are enough MBAs to have critical mass for some place downtown (usually Scholtz's since it's right next to our UT football tailgate and since UT plays mostly night games I can usually see both), but I did go for the hockey NC game.  There were about 20-25 people there, which was more than I expected given, you know, it was college hockey in Texas.  It was pretty nice watching the game outside in the nice weather though.  There was one probably 60 year old guy with a cowbell.

Now that I know you're in Austin I'll keep an eye out for ya for football game threads and let you know where we go if you're interested.

Pibby Scott

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for a little embezzlement and ran into a fellow grad. it was very chummy!


from acrss the block, every now and then,  we would sing a slow, mournful, version of the Victors, and in our hearts we would yearn

U Fer M

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Was at a bar in Kampala, Uganda and ran across a local with a Michigan t shirt, turns out he graduated from law school there and works for the government, liked American football, but said had trouble adjusting to the cold and snow.

I Miss Bursley

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I was waiting for a friend at the international airport in Delhi wearing the student shirt from the '06 season. Guy came up to me looking extremely relived, apparently he was an M fan feeling a little lost since it was his first time in India. We exchanged Go Blues and I helped him get his bearings. I hope he had a good trip.


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I captured a terrorist in Iraq who was a Michigan fan...or his family Dearborn sent him some "American" clothes. At the time time I didn't care he had a UM shirt on but all my guys made sure to rub it in.

Alice Lloyd

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The Oldest Synagogue in Budpest -We meet Dad and Son (Alumni) and daughter current student from Chicago and us living in CT.  As it turned out we were all going to the first game of the 2010 season the bashing of Uconn.


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I can think of 2:

1. Moscow, on the Metro, saw and conversed in mediocre Russian with a Ukrainian national wearing a block-M hat.

2. Not entirely unusual, but I watched The Game in 2006 in a sports bar in Seville, Spain with a host of UM grads and a smattering of Buckeyes.

Bando Calrissian

April 23rd, 2011 at 9:32 PM ^

Walking into a beach at the Dead Sea in the West Bank.  I'm wearing an M shirt and hat, guy walking in the opposite direction is rocking a maize Michigan Basketball tee.

High fives were exchanged.


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At the Florida/South Carolina game this year, in a sea of blue and orange, I met a former player for Moeller.

Strangest place to see OSU: in Japan, in a 400 year old castle overlooking the Pacific Ocean on one side and the East China Sea on the other, I saw spray painted on a wall- Michigan sucks, Go Buckeyes
:/ Man I was pissed.


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This thread would be funny to see on a Michigan State blog. "What's the craziest and farthest place you have ever ran into a fellow MSU fan?" Ohio? Get past Illinois and nobody knows what that block S stands for.

M Fanfare

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I visited the Golden Spike National Historic Site in Utah which is in the middle of freakin' nowhere and I got a hearty "Go Blue!" from an old and very bearded Park Ranger who graduated in the early '60s. He said I had made his day since he didn't see much Michigan apparel in that neck of the woods.