Most proud moment as a Wolverine?

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It's been a slow couple of news days aside from the BBQ and Wormley committing (glad you finally chose the good guys), so I decided to raise a question to the board: what is your most proud moment being associated with the University of Michigan?

My time of being associated with UM has been filled with an enormous amount of pride.  Every time I see the block M, whether on a t-shirt, a campus building, or anywhere else, I can feel the pride swell within me.  Even despite how things have gone recently in football, I still take every opportunity I have to talk about Michigan-- football, basketball, and general scholastic endeavors.  Whenever I do speak of UM, I do so with a smile and a sparkle in my eye, as I am speaking about the greatest University in the world.

For me, the most proud moment had to be when I got accepted to Michigan.  I grew up in NY, but had always loved UM.  It had always existed as an ideal for me, but one I did not think was reasonably attainable.  My brother was a law student at UM, and he talked me in to applying (I was reluctant to waste the application fee only to not get in).  I was on campus visiting him and the school, when I got a call from the University saying I was accepted.  I was all alone in his apartment, so I was forced to dance and laugh maniacally to myself (the neighbors must have been concerned).

When I returned home, I was brimming with excitement.  I had made my decision as soon as the admissions counselor told me I was accepted, and made a point to share my joy with everyone.  The most common response I received was "Michigan?!?!? AWESOME!!." Being from a small town in NY, most people from my HS went to SUNY schools.  Our valedictorian even went to a SUNY school (nothing against them, but in a town like mine it's hard to leave).   So when people started making their decisions, college t-shirts started to become a part of every senior's wardrobe.  I wore the maize and blue daily, counting down the hours until I could get on campus.  And every time someone saw me with the block M, I could see that they understood why I walked around with my head held high and the biggest smile on my face, ever.

So, I will reiterate my question: what is your most proud moment?



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It was one heck of an email. In a video, Mary Sue congratulated me on my acceptance to U of M. My parents started running around the house and freaking out. It was good times. 5 years later, I've graduated and moved to Chicago, but I'll be back for every home game this year.

Mr Mackey

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For me, it's the small things. I get chills walking out of the stadium chanting "IT"S GREAT TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE," and singing the fight song with 110,000 other people.

Some of my favorite moments come far away from Ann Arbor, though. I, like most of you I'm sure, wear Michigan clothes and objects almost everywhere I go to "show off" our great university. Through my travels, I've had people in California, Florida, Texas, Alaska, and basically everywhere in the US come up and say "Go Blue!" or just talk about the maize and blue. 

One time I was in Beijing, at this dingy little restaurant, not really sure what I was eating. The waiter commented on my shirt, saying (with his very strong Chinese accent) that he "love[d] the Michigan University." I was thinking about whether to correct him, when someone else in the restaurant said "Hell yeah, Go Blue!" and then came over and talked about the switch to coach Rod (yeah, yeah....) and it was a wonderful conversation. If that was one of you guys, it was great!

It's just such a proud feeling that our school is so great that we have fans all over the world, and all of us are extremely proud (and maybe a bit arrogant) to be a Michigan Wolverine.


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Earning my varsity letter as a walk on (not football).  Besides my marriage and birth of my two sons that was the proudest day of my life.


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I'm also from New York. My mom made me apply to Stony Brook because my dad went there, but even he hated it. Everyone I talk to who went to a SUNY or another small school is always really impressed and slightly envious of the school spirit, especially among the alumni. Some people don't grasp how big the stadium is, don't understand why I travel all over for hockey, and are shocked that I can function in classes with more than 20 students and more than 3 hours from "home." Some people also are oblivious to the academics (because they think all state schools are like the SUNY system) and ask why I didn't go to NYU or Cornell, which facepalm, I'm majoring in aerospace engineering.  

One of my prouder moments happened at my high school graduation. I was the valedictorian, and when my principal introduced me before my speech he mentioned I was going to Michigan. My grandparents, UM class of '57 and Detroit natives, stood up and gave me a "Go Blue!" while the rest of my family and friends applauded. Shortly after, our school district started realizing that they should probably start emphasizing further education, and for the next few years, I was invited back to talk to the middle and high school students about Michigan and college in general. It was great to instill some enthusiasm in the youngins, some of the middle school kids hadn't really heard of "college" at all, let alone understood how to get there. I'm glad to say that in recent years, some of the kids who would've just gone to CC without a plan to continue after 4 years or started working after school have been aiming higher, and we have way more kids going out-of-state and to better institutions.

/cool story brah


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I got a letter.  It was a Satturday and I just came home form playing my last ever high school football game (a close playoff loss to Farmington Harrison).  The despair of knowing I would never play football again was quickly forgotten when I realized I would be a Wolverine. 

Got a call from a buddy/teamate who also got his letter but he was headed to Miami of Ohio to play ball for them.   Partied pretty hard that night and enjoyed the rest of the the year on cruise control.  

Michgian State Admissions actually called me 7 days after I applied to say I was accepted .  I recall that actually made me sick to my stomach. 


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My obsession for Michigan athletics runs deep and started at a young age.  The thought never even crossed my mind to consider MSU as a back up plan......  I would have gone to Western before MSU (WMU was actually one of my back ups).

Receiving my acceptance letter was also one of the best days of my life, and it had more to do with the thought of getting season football and basketball tickets than what it meant for my future.


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Yeah, same here.

For some reason, my mom really wanted me to go to MSU if I didn't get into UofM. I was fully prepared to go to Western for a year (then transfer) if I wasn't accepted, so my mom decided to complete my MSU application and mail it without me knowing. A few days later, I received an MSU acceptance letter, then a few weeks later I received my UofM. Luckily I didn't have to make the choice, because a couple of my good friends ended up going to MSU.


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Although I am a confirmed nut case when it comes to football, my proudest moments where when both my sons, received multiple degrees from Michigan in engineering and decided to become MD's.  For my family, for multiple generations, Michigan academics were the reason for attendance, Michigan sports, the icing on the cake.


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Well, one of.  I've been a campus tour guide for 3.5 years and last week got to give a tour to Coach Hoke, Mattison, and the 2012 commits that attended the Big House BBQ.  Getting to show off my passion for Michigan, and vast well of football trivia, to that group was a pretty surreal experience.  Getting to (briefly) talk with Coach Hoke, go on a tour of Schembechler, it was all just a great way to wrap up my time as a student.  Here's to hoping for many other proud moments in the coming years...


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the field and touched the banner instantly joined the top five moments of being proud to be a Wolverine fan.  What Rich Rodriguez and his staff did for that family was huge in my book.  Anyone who is willing to go out of their way to help someone in need or someone who has lost almost everything is a class act.

For the littany of things that are attributed to RR and his staff while at Michigan, the things they did in the community and for the Mealers overshadows the negative.



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That Saturday in September was by far the proudest I have ever been to be a Michigan Wolverine fan.  I bought tickets the Tuesday before the game with the hopes of being there when Brock led the team.  I couldn't imagine the emotions that surrounded that few minutes in Michigan Stadium.  There we are with 113,000 people all supporting a man and a family who have been through so much.  The noise was deafening, the pride was amazing.  To top it all off the football game wasn't half bad either.  


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I clearly remember the day I found out I got accepted. We were halfway through a long bus ride to the state semifinals for soccer and you could pretty much cut the tension with the knife as everyone was pretty nervous. I got a text from my dad 'Go Blue! Got into Mich! See you at the game!'

Though it made me lose my focus for a bit, all nerves were allayed. We went onto win that game and the next, the first state title in soccer in our 200+ year history.

Also up there is my first game at the Big House. It was the first of the RR era, against Utah. Though the result was disappointing, as a huge football fan but attending a small high school with a dreadful football team, the atmosphere, the fans and everything else had me grinning from ear to ear the whole time.


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Honestly, the most proud I'd ever been was when I saw Brock Mealer come out of the Tunnel, and touch the banner.

I also remember when I saw the packet from U of M, with the opening line "Congratulations!..."   I stopped reading there and jumped and fist pumped a la Tiger Woods.


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My proudest moment was graduation. A Michigan degree is no cakewalk and I worked my butt off. Winter commencement was in Crisler Arena and the speaker (I think it was Harold Shapiro) asked the graduates to find their parents up in the stands and thank them for their support. I think I even shed a tear.


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1997-I had just moved to Kansas City from Chicago and barely knew anyone.  I found a local  sports bar to watch the Rose Bowl against Washington State.  Five other M fans also in M gear invited me to their table and by the end of the game we were all high fiving and fist pumping like we were family.  One of those guys remains a good friend and we watch the game together with the alumi association every year in Kansas City.

maize et bleu …

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I sat in Michigan Stadium last year and remembered looking back from the tunnel, while listening to the "Victors" and watching the place empty out...and then the magic of walking back amidst 100 thousand happy people.  Still brings nostalgia and a sentimental tear.

A close second would be Ufer (as an old guy).



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In chronilogical order.

Most proud: being accepted as a transfer student after two years at EMU (3.9 GPA!).

Least proud: crappy grades I got at UM the first year. 

Awesomest: Watching Michigan beat OSU in 1997 with my Dad at the Big House.

2nd most proud: being accepted into UMs graduate school.

Dumbest: choosing Oregon over UM because I wanted to live somewhere else.

3rd proudest: seeing my wife get her M.S. from Michigan and she didn't pay a dime.

Steve Lorenz

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I remember moving into Markley on a late afternoon and things taking a while to get settled in. My roommate and I, who were good friends in high school going into U of M, woke up the next morning and rode our bikes down to the stadium which was still usually open to the public at the time. I remember parking our bikes and walking down the steps and walking onto the field thinking I had accomplished the first major dream of my life which was to go to the University of Michigan and live in Ann Arbor. I'll never forget that day. 


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Standing on the field after the game, playing The Victors, and marching out of the Rose Bowl as National Champions -- I'll never forget that.

oriental andrew

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Can't say I have a proudest moment, but it is always great when I'm doing business (I'm a consultant) and meet clients who are alumni. Instant rapport.

EDIT: They didn't do email back in the early 90s, but I do recall getting the fat envelope.  I was excited because it was my first acceptance letter (sent in my app the first week of rolling admissions).  However, UM was my 4th choice, so can't say I was thrilled about it.  Not a lot of Atlanta kids go there.  For me, it was all about going to the northeast.  I applied to MIT (rejected), Columbia (accepted), Cornell (accepted) and GT (accepted + scholarship).  Somehow, my older sister had also ended up at her 4th choice school (UM).  She too was accepted to her 2nd and 3rd choice schools, but opted for Michigan.  More than getting in, I'd say stepping foot on campus for the first time as a student was pretty thrilling.