Most Likely META: Who Are Your Favorite MGoBloggers?

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on August 22nd, 2014 at 9:09 PM

JGB and I exchanged a few e-mails over the past few days about various OT (but also some META stuff) topics we could throw out there in lieu of the end of OT season (a mere 27 hours or so from now) and one that came up was this - who are your favorite MGoBloggers?

There are many people who post often, some who post left often, but many people contribute knowledge and insight which I think shows that this is indeed one of the most well-rounded fanbases out there. Indeed, this blog has unique resources as we have a fair number of regular contributors who were / are players and coaches at various levels and that makes this blog a place where I think you can indeed learn something new about your faovrite sports on most days. In my mind that already puts it at a level few other such blogs out there seem to reach consistently. 

So, among those folks who contribute their experience, technical knowledge, humor, GIFs, etc...who stands out in your mind? Of course, such threads demand a certain amount of sarcastic wit, but that's what makes them entertaining. 

You might see a few such threads like this tomorrow. As I mentioned in my diary the other day, now is your chance to get this out of your system, so your mods thought we would get some of it out of our system. 



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Edit:  Just saw the Peppers punt return thread and saw this from Wolverine Devotee:  

this kid is committed, and I am impressed.

OMG Shirtless

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JG2112, MWolverine, Chitown, and myself to name a few.  He emailed the MGoBlog Staff so many times to complain about me and others that someone on the staff emailed me and asked me to cut it out.  I did.  

He was a lunatic.  He use to FOIA the University and the Athletic Department whenever he went off on one of his crusades.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out that several members of the athletic department and local media actually have restraining orders out against him.



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That's the strange thing about the blogging world . . . you get to know some people really well, perhaps better than in real life, and then they just disappear.  There is no notice, no forwarding address, no obit.  


If someone stops posting, we don't know if it is because they got tired of it, they moved on to something else, or they just flat out died.



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Not ThadMattasagoblin

EDIT: Seriously, there are plenty that I enjoy.  The ones that immediately come to mind are OMG_Shirtless, BiSB, DarkerBlue, StephenKing, BlueBarron, Blazefire, turd ferguson, mejunglechop, BrownBear, and whenever Brian comments.


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Has helped me understand a few of the finer points of the game.

Don't know if BiSB is eligible, but his board presence is great.

Magnus too.

For some reason that I can't quite put my finger on, Erik_in_Dayton's posts always seem to catch my attention in a good way.

OMG Shirtless

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1. MWolverine

2. Cutter 

3. JustinGoBlue

4. ProfitGoBlue

5. LSAClassOf2000

6. JHackney

I know I'm forgetting several.  These aren't really in any particular order.


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OMGshirtless, for the best outing on a blog (RDT), circa 2012

wolverinehistoran, because for someone so dedicated and seemingly level headed, his grudges are monumental 

Mr. Kass, because acronym! and I appreciate his unique persepective

I can always count on LSA2000 to lay out the facts or provide additional resources

Space Coyote for a break from the groupthink.


There are a ton of others, and I don't have all night.



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1a: Megalomanik - Started the Lloyd Brady photoshop thread.  One of my most memorable evenings on the MgoBoards.

1b: Don - beacause he's Don, and that one time somebody tried stealing his avatar.