Morris stands above talented Elite11 field

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I know we have been hearing mixed reviews on who has had the best Elite 11 performance so far, but here is Mike Farrells input.  He has him ranked as the top QB so far.

1. Shane Morris, Warren (Mich.) De La Salle - Morris earned the gold jersey for the afternoon after winning the accuracy contest in the morning and he continued his fine play in 7-on-7 situations. While all of the quarterbacks have been encouraged to check down quickly, Morris keeps his eyes downfield more than others, has a cannon arm and fit the ball into some tight windows. He still clearly prefers to throw to his left so he needs to work on field vision, but he has shown the most overall tools through two days.

Here's a few other QBs of interest:

4. Malik Zaire (ND)

7. Max Browne (USC) #1 QB in Rivals rankings

10. J.T. Barrett (OSU)

14. Christian Hackenberg (PSU)




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But but but Farrell is a deuchbaaaaag Pawwwwwwwwl

I think we (collective Mgoblog) can get a little too worked up about ratings at some of the  camps. 

Field vision hopefully will come with time, experience.


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Most recruiting sources have pointed to Shane as either the 1 or 2 quarterback of the camp so far. Although, interesting to see Max all the way at 7 with Farrell. Who knows, maybe Shane will see 5 stars across the board after the Elite 11.

But honestly, who cares. We know that we're getting a crazy good talent here and we all trust in Hoke so I ain't scurred. ugh. Rick Ross Grunt.


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OK - but if you're a raw passer, but an elite athlete, the camps where all you do is throw doesn't really show off your full talent. 

Love him or hate him, think Tim Tebow.  Would he look like the best passer in a group like this?  No.  Should he still have been a 5-star?  Of course.  Similar argument for TY.  Sure, throwing is a big part of being a QB, but for a lot of guys it's certainly not the only part.


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When they say things like this. Swoopes is a qb. While he will be running, he will also have to pocket pass occasionally more than likely from the shotgun. While they will move the pocket nd he can take off, h still needs to be able to throw the football. You cannot say "well his running will open it up" when h has been running against hs linebackers and DEs. Wait until jaylon smith is spying him.


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So, lets say they leave a run shotgun 4 wide and run the RB out into the flats.

If you rush 4 and  spy in the 5-10 yard zone with a LBm unless that QB has some type of downfield threat the Cover 1 safety will be more than enough to comfortably send all 4 lineman all out. 

You run into matchup issues when you still need to drop 2 safeties which requires some type of pocket passing ability.

NOLA Wolverine

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...Which is the point. Nobody has ever played a running QB (or anybody else) and decided they can't rush four players, the problem is that four players is typcially not enough. You're giving him all day to sit back there and find an opening. If your gameplan involves letting receivers run around the secondary all day then you won't be stopping them very often. And if your counterpoint is "well he can't throw anyways," then the discussion is moot. It's accepted that if you're going to start you you have at least Denard level passing abilities. 


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Swoopes also finished outside the top 5 in the shuttle.  So he does not have great lateral movement or footwork (to the extent you believe this test demonstrates this).  He also finished outside the top 5 in vertical (not that you need a vertical to play QB but it is a test of overall athleticism) and powerball (another test of athleticism).

So taken together, you have a QB that does not have great fast burst speed, footwork/agility and lacks other athletic measurables.  Then throw on top that he is not at all a refined passer.  Raises some flags.


(Usual caveats about testing not equaling football apply)



Denard would have killed the 40 and the shuttle as well.  No idea on his vertical or powerball toss.


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There is no trying to convince sparty with logic.  Everyone said tha this WR were very underwhleming and failed to get separation when needed.  Thankfully for Shane he will have Jack Wrangler who also plays on his 7on7 team. 


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He plays for an average prep school football team. How can you question the kids ability when he not only competes against the TOP talent in the NATION during 7 v 7 tournaments and elite 11 camps in the summer, but stands out as the best amongst all QBs?

...But then again I wouldn't argue with a Sparty about this. If I was to argue in such a speculative and irrational nature, however, I might point to the fact that Sparty is putting its 2012 hopes in a quarterback whose recent 2011 experience includes four games against terrible opponents, and total of 1 career TD. But that's only if I was feeling irrationally speculative.


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In the article, he states that Max Browne was the best and criticizes Shane's consistency.  Maybe we should have Farrell talk to this Kennedy guy.