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Submitted by justingoblue on November 30th, 2013 at 10:12 AM

What's up MGoBoard? GameDay in Auburn, just checked in with Hoke arriving at the stadium.

Oh and obviously, Go Blue!



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I think the fact that one of the top threads this morning is about Bo Pelini shows that a lot of people are in the "Whistling past the graveyard" mode so to speak.  I know the game is coming up, but I just can't bring myself to get too into it.  I'm hopeful for a win, but it just seems so damned unlikely this year that I feel like just keeping the score close will be something positive, and that feeling really sucks.


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This became evident to me in the prediction thread that began yesterday. A great number of us (myself included admittedly) were definitely hoping for a Michigan win, but if you go back there, you'll find that the overwhelming majority of picks are for the Buckeyes. Based on likely scenarios, it isn't an unreasonable prediction either, and yes, the feeling blows.

Still, for a few hours - screw predictive analytics and Go Blue. Yes, I said this. 


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As you get older you realize that everything, every place, everyone has a purpose, a reason to be.

Imagine you lose your job, you're broke, your girl cheats on you and leaves you, your kids hate you, you are living with your parents at age 40, etc...

Where to you go to feel better about yourself? Where do you go to fit in? matter how seemingly pathetic or shitty your life is, you can always count on that shit state to make you least I'm not them.


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you compare the economy of OHIO to that of _ichigan and you realize....."Why do I live here?, Look at my once mighty cities...Detroit(Baghdad), Flint(Gary, IN), Lansing(Who gives a shit)..........................hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

You losers suck.

If it wasnt for OHIO you clowns would not even have a credible football team.


Go Bucks

23 and O-H


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Desmond making his case strongly to remove Borges . . . indirectly by talking about Mushcamp's staff.  All the other talking heads are saying stay the course with Mushcamp and his staff.  

Except Desmond:  "The players are a reflection of the coaches".  I think it's pretty clear where Desmond stands with Borges.  And he's not exactly a radical outsider amongst the Michigan inner circle.



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But will it make a difference?  Also I don't think its accurate to stated that is how Hoke feels.  What good would it do throwing Borges under the bus?  Any of the top OC candidates wouldn't be looking to make a move until most of the head coaching decisions are made around the country.

On another topic I be very interested to see what Meyer is able to do if Braxton Miller does the smart thing in declares.  Hanging around another year for him is only asking for something to go wrong (see Aaron Murray). We all know what happened at Florida when Tebow left.


November 30th, 2013 at 10:33 AM ^

Wife works, I have a 3 y old and a teething baby.....going to be a long day, I hope to catch some of it live if not it's being recorded. I am a little confident, cold weather can even out a game.


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So this is how the Christians felt 90 minutes before they were led onto the pitch versus the lions?  The lions were favored by 28 by Vegas in that matchup so we're in better shape in that regard at least.



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If they beat us it is what it is but I want them to have to fucking earn it. Make them bleed, sweat, quiver with nervous anxiety because if this game is close in the 4th the pressure is on them. No Gatorade baths with 8 minutes to go in the game. Make Urbz tighten his ass and purse his lips.

Toledo Wolverine

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I decided to go outside my comfort zone and watch the game at a local bar (Toledo bar)...if Michigan pulls out a miracle I will make an ass out of myself and probably end up getting arrested.


November 30th, 2013 at 11:25 AM ^

I hope they play inspired ball today. I want the shocker today, but I'm realistic about the whole thing.

Hoke gets another year to put his stamp on the program. As DB just said, Hoke is bringing "big boy football again". Whatever the hell that means